Thank You!!!

I actually got 26 comments on my last post!  That might be a record!  Thank you for your in-put!

Most people said that they liked hearing about China, Michael and Lucy–which is what I post about the most anyway, I think.  Someone said they liked the quotes I post; and I got votes for my tags “Adventure,” “Middle Earth,” and “Frozen.”

Thank you all for your help, I’ll keep this in mind as I post in the future!  In the meantime, I received a request recently for a quote from “Searching For His Name”; and, as I’m never tired of dumping things I wrote on people, I thought I’d give you all a whole list of quotes from things I’ve written.  Here goes:

This shows that the King… (though a very wise king) did not have much experience with dragons: for all of them are greedy and none of them are likely to go away when they know there is something left to get if they stay (8).

-“The Captured Princess Series: The Great Battle” 2013

In it he now kept the dark, eastern sword… this sword was strong and deadly, and Joshua had decided not to use it for practice or for play-fights (31).

-“The Ebony Sword” 2013

(This is one of my favorites of all the things I’ve written.)

And I just finished writing one of my favorite parts of my work-in-progress:

They all had their hair down now; and it was flecked with shimmering pin-points of white, like snowflakes on a black mitten or stars in a dark sky (103).

-“Searching For His Name” 2015

Sorry, guys; I know this is kinda’ girlie.  The whole book’s not like that.  Honestly.  Just read these!

Hmm… 2013 must’ve been a good year for writing!  I started S.F.H.N. that year too! 🙂


We got a TON of snow last night.  All seven (SEVEN!!!  Whoot whoot!) of us went out this morning to play in it; and Mom made hot chocolate when we came inside! It tasted SO good! 🙂   You can see pictures here, and though I didn’t get any of us outside, I’m hoping to post some I took of the snow soon!

Random: have any of you noticed that when we say this morning (see above, which is why I thought of it) we say it like “thi’ smorning” not this_morning.  Weird.

Yes, that’s the kinda’ thing I think about.  Call me crazy.

11 thoughts on “Thank You!!!”

  1. 26?! Wow! That is a ton of comments!!
    I’m glad you posted some more of your story quotes, I really like them! Can’t wait until I can read one of your books someday!
    Yeah, we do all say this morning, thi’smorning. Kinda strange …..
    Last night, all of us girls walked out of the bedroom at 10:30 pm, to go look out the window. It looked so bright outside! Everything was covered in a gold-ish light. It was BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen anything like it before.
    We’re hoping to be able to go play in the snow soon! ~Savannah

    1. Snow is SO pretty, isn’t it? I’ve got some good pictures to post! I was taking videos of it falling last night, because pictures just couldn’t catch it!
      I hope you can read one of my stories soon too! Maybe when I post that serial…

  2. I like everything you post! The quotes are always super fun. 🙂

    Good observation about thi’smorning – that’s the kind of thing ESL teachers are always thinking about… and pronunciation features like samwich instead of sandwich. It’s pretty interesting. 🙂

    Love you!

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