Did you know that I’m an author?

I visited a world today that I created over a year ago in 2013.  After a long writer’s block, I was surprised to come back so inspired.  I wrote over a chapter today in “Searching For His Name” not to mention I read everything I’d already written–almost exactly 90 hand-written pages.


“Is my name even worth all this?!” thought Rodden as he fought his way forward through the under-brush (61).


It was the Thing when I started it; until I started another book that took over.  I honestly think “The Captured Princess Series” is better, but this is at least worth finishing.  (I’ve learned my lesson about starting a book before you finished the last one! 🙂 )


“It looks as if you got into some trouble on the way!” observed the young man, scowling at Rodden’s tied hands.  “I didn’t do anything!” He cried earnestly.  “Honestly I didn’t!  They found me just standing on the mountain-side.  I don’t know what they wanted.”  Rodden sighed: it did NOT sound very convincing!  (66)


I’m in the middle of three books right now.  Which is a mess.  Don’t try it.  I get inspiration for stories before I can write them down.  Only now I’m going to keep them in my head until the first one’s written!

As I started “Searching For His Name” first I decided it made sense to finish it first.

Actually, I came back to it first because the computer wasn’t available and the others are typed, and then decided the above.


But I must press on, through sleet and snow, in sun or rain,

To reach that little white house again.

Back to the home I love so well,

Back to my loved-ones my tale to tell!


Maybe someday I’ll publish it, and you guys can read it.  And then you can tell people that you knew about it first! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Did you know that I’m an author?”

  1. I would love your stories Hanna! You use great descriptive language which is key in keeping the story alive! God has given you many wonderful talents and I know you will use them wisely.

    1. I’ll get it to you when I’m finished–though it’ll be a while! And it’s also weird. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂

    1. Hi, Savannah! Sorry I didn’t respond to any of your comments earlier, I just figured out how to approve them and stuff!
      I would love to get you a copy of “Searching For His Name,” just be warned: it’s LONG! 🙂

        1. I like long books too! I hope you don’t mind that it’s weird! I started writing this shortly after I read “The Hobbit” and I think it really affected my writing, and you’ve told me you like that, so maybe you’ll like my book too! 🙂

          1. I like to write fantasy stories! I write some realistic fiction but if you looked through all of the stories that I am working on, or have finished, you would see A LOT of fantasy! ~Skylar
            Oh, and I almost forgot to include one of these! 🙂

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