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“Once, long years ago, I thought I could set a canoe-load of my people free by breaking the bands at my wrists and killing the white man who held the weapon.  I had the strength in my hands to do such a deed and I had the fire within, but I didn’t do it.”  “What held you back?”  Amos shook his head.  “My hand was restrained and I’m glad that it was, for the years between have shown me that it does a man no good to be free until he knows how to live, how to walk in step with God” (161, 162).

-“Amos Fortune, Free Man” by Elizabeth Yates

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    1. I assumed you guys were tired of my posting quotes from “Searching For His Name”, after I posted about it three times or something. If you like it, I’ll keep posting them!
      And, SNEAK-PEAK: I’m going to start posting a serial story on my blog soon if I can get my act together. 🙂

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