“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #4


Here’s the last post I did, in case anyone missed it or wants to re-read anything.

I picked this story to put on my blog because it was already broken down into smaller parts and because some of those smaller parts ended on really good cliff-hangers.  You’ll see why I brought this up in this post in a minute! 🙂



“Well, I s’pose we had better go in,” says Spenser, pulling his flash-light out of his back-pack.  “I don’t really like the idea of going in there,” says Hannah.  “I mean, I know there’s nothing to be afraid of; the dragon is dead.”

They both turn on their flashlights and start down.  It’s very slippery, and the two of them have trouble finding hand-holds in the mossy rocks.  The slanted floor is slippery, and so are the walls–even the ceiling is slippery!

Finally they come to a large circular cavern.  In the middle are about five chests with the lids thrown back.  The chests are filled with gold and diamonds!  “My great, great (however many greats!) grandfather’s treasure!” exclaims Spenser.  “We did it! We did it!  We found it!” cries Hannah.


 Now Grizzled (as you already know) is dead.  But he lived longer than Spenser thought he would.  In fact, he only died yesterday, and his mate, Fogginess, is still alive.

Fogginess lives in the very cave where Spenser and Hannah are now!  She has a small tunnel, with a room at the end, in which she used to hide when her husband came home in a bad temper.

But she also sleeps there, and now she has just been awakened by a lot of noise at the top of the tunnel.  Fogginess is annoyed (and dragons are very dangerous when they are annoyed), and she starts creeping up the tunnel to see what’s going on.

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  1. Oh dear, I don’t know how I will possibly be able to wait until next Tuesday to see what happens! Great post Hanna! You’re an awesome writer, I love the names you chose for your dragons! ~Savannah

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