“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #3

In some ways I’m like “It’s already Tuesday again?” and in other ways I’m like “Tuesday?  Finally–it’s been weeks!”

I honestly meant to post earlier today, but there were several things I needed to get done, so I decided I was not going to post until I got those done.  It was a good motivator! 🙂

I think I’m looking forward to Tuesdays now as much as I do in the summer when we go swimming at “Two Rivers” state park with our home-school group on “Two Rivers Tuesdays”! 🙂

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Okay, here goes:



Hannah and Spenser walk down the path for about a mile, then they come to a fork.  “Which way, Navigator?” asks Spenser.  “Left,” says Hannah, looking down at her G.P.S.  “You stay here, I’ll see what’s up ahead,” replies Spenser.  Left alone Hannah begins to wonder what creatures could might be watching her!  A stick cracks and Hannah jumps! but it’s only a rabbit.  Hannah steps aside as a daddy-long-legs, the size of a penny without the legs, scuttles past.

“Navigator!  Come look at this!” calls Spenser.  Hannah runs after him and sees a shiny object lying on the path.  “What is it, sir?” she asks.  Spenser stoops and picks it up.  It is a golden necklace!

“I think this is some of my great, great, great, great grandfather’s treasure!” says Spenser.  “Then we’re on the right track, sir!” says Hannah.

The two of them continue.  Finally they come to the dragon: lying cold and lifeless across their path.  “Are you sure it’s dead, sir?” asks Hannah, with a shudder.  “I think so,” replies Spenser, “but you stay here; I’ll go make sure.”  He cautiously taps the dragon with his walking-stick.  Then a little harder.  “It’s safe!” he calls back.

After passing the dragon, the path is scattered with bones.  Some of the dry weeds in the under-brush are charred and black.  “Are we still on the right track, Navigator?” asks Spenser.  “Yes, sir!” replies Hannah.  “And we’re getting close, sir!”

As they go further the birds and insects become fewer and fewer.  The jungle grows quiet.  Hannah stoops to pick up a shiny object on the path.  “I found a diamond, sir!” she calls.  Spenser comes running back.  “We must be getting close now!” he cries.  Hannah lays her hand on the handle of her knife.  “There’s no danger, Navigator, we saw the dragon and it’s dead.” says Spenser–but he looks nervous too!

After about another mile they come to the mouth of a large cavern.  It’s about five feet wide and opens on to a rocky tunnel.  It’s surrounded by gravel, bones, and ashes.

“The dragon’s lair!” breathes Spenser.

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  1. Ooh, so exciting! Hmm … I’m wondering if the dragon is really dead too … or maybe it is dead, but there is another dragon. So excited to see the next part of the story on Tuesday! ~Savannah

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