Help me… again?


So, like I’ve been saying, I’m getting ready to write another story to post on my blog when I get done writing Searching For His Name.

Only I have a problem: I don’t have names for two of the characters.

Yep, names again.  You and me, Savannah.  Only, you come up with awesome names on your own… I think you just want the rest of us to feel included! 🙂


I need a name for the King and Queen in my story.  Could you guys help me out?  Please?  One kingly name, and one queenly name–but go ahead and comment more than one of each if you have the inspiration, if you would be so kind.  I have no suggestions, just dump them on me!

Thank you!!!


Are you guys as excited as I am about next Tuesday?  I love being mysterious! 🙂

Happy Friday!

P.S. It’s a few weeks late, but my home sweet home turned 148 this month!  You can read about how Nebraska became a state on Spencer’s blog, here.

22 thoughts on “Help me… again?”

  1. I love thinking of names for queens! I don’t know why, but I do :-). So, here are my ideas for your queen’s name (Hope you don’t mind if some of them are a little strange): Asura, Sienna, Zahara, Cianna, Irene … I could keep going, but I don’t know how many name ideas you want :-).
    Kingly names? That’s a little tricky … Cedric is all I can think of. I’ll try to find a couple more ideas for your king’s name today.
    If you need any more queen names, I’m happy to help! ~Savannah

  2. (Forgot to add this in my other comment. Silly me! :)) I’m REALLY excited for Tuesday! I’ve been trying to guess what your post will be about, but so far I can’t think of what it might be!
    I’m glad you like the names I have used in my stories so far! If you can’t tell, I LOVE thinking of names :). It so fun!! ~Savannah

  3. Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay, some names………..
    QUEEN: Theresa, Maureen, Victoria, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sylvia, Rachel, Julia, Amelia, Caroline, Abigail.
    KING: Micheal, Wesley, Wellington, Jeremiah, William, Charles, Jason, Philip, Titus.


  4. Names? Up my alley right there, girl! Well,
    Regina (Queen, gracious), Cedric (Battle Chieftain, Courageous Defender) Regan, Reagan, Reganne (Ruler, Spiritual Strength) Mendel, Mendell (Wisdom, studious)
    If you need anymore, I’m just an e-mail/comment away! 🙂 😀 😉

  5. Okay, found some more names (Mostly queen names) :-).
    KING: Edward, Nicholas
    QUEEN: Cynthia, Levina, Elva, Laela, Prysilla
    Do you want more normal sounding names, or ones that are more unusual? ~Savannah

    1. Hmm… I was thinking more normal names, but some of your exotic ones are really good. Have you read “Ivanhoe”, Savannah? There’s a character in that named Cedric (I know you suggested that too, Ellen, but I know you haven’t read it.) Names are SO fun! I usually like weird names, but some of the other characters in the story have more common names so I’m just no sure…

      1. Well, I’m not terribly good of thinking of less-exotic names, but if I happen to think of some, I’ll let ya know :-).
        No, I haven’t read ‘Ivanhoe’ before, it’s quite a coincidence that both Ellen and I thought of the name of someone in that story! 🙂 ~Savannah

  6. King Rufus, King Raj. Queen Mary(that’s been used before). Queen Beatrix . Queen Quiver – no – Quiverra. Queen Gwendolyn…Queen Laverina… Or Ducina… Or Queen Petraya…

  7. I’m not quite sure about a name for a king, but I have some for a queen: Sabrina, (Passionate) Shayna, (beauty) Camilla, (wonderful) Or Eleanor, (Beautiful, light)
    I hope this is helpful to you! 🙂 ~Sky

      1. I really like Eleanor… but maybe that’s just because I’ve read “The Lord of the Rings”. Most names remind me of SOME story by this time though! 🙂

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