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More ramblings, starring Reese

Do you remember when I did the Describe Tag, and asked you all to help me name one of my characters?  Well, I’ve officially named her Reese Shattercane.

I actually named her shortly after I did the tag, but forgot to post again.  I recently remembered I promised to follow up with you guys, so. . . here we are.  Her name is Reese.

Sorry I’m late!

I just finally got a feel for the plot of her story, which I’m excited about.  It’s not very high on the “What To Write Next” list, but I still like playing with it, so it’s fun to know where I’m going!


In other news, I bought my first piece of Star Wars fan gear last month: Jyn’s stardust necklace (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

(Apparently the fans have dubbed it Jyn’s “Kyber necklace”, but I have been calling it her “stardust necklace” to myself since I left the theater, and I prefer that. 😉 )

My Lord of the Rings gear is getting excessive (as in, two shirts, a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a Galadriel crown), but this was my first Star Wars piece.


I posted about reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream recently, if you remember.  Well, I read The Tempest today, and it’s giving Julius Caesar (my favorite Shakespeare play) a real run for its money.

“My library was dukedom large enough. . .”

-The Tempest, Dover Thrift edition, page 6

Shakespeare was a master!

Happy Wednesday (because it is one), my amazing readers!

Catania’s Forest ~ Part Fourteen

Yesterday was one of the few days I didn’t need to post Cat’s Forest, so I thought I would post something else, but we were too busy,

I went to see Rogue One with some of my awesome people yesterday morning!  It’s a pretty intense movie, but still very good.  (First Star Wars to make me cry–congratulations, Rogue One.)  I had formed very great expectations (pun not intended) from the reviews I heard, and it did not disappoint!

Anyway, I’m super excited we got to this part.  In a way, it marks the beginning of the end.  (Which means Christmas is this week–how even?  I know everyone’s saying it, but how did Christmas get here so fast?)  It’s also. . . long.  As in, over a page. *cringe*  The parts just started getting longer and longer at this point, and there was never a place to break them up.  So here we are.  Consistency in length is something I’ve always been bad at.

Catania’s Forest: The Little Drummer-boy in Narnia ~ Part Fourteen


Catania awoke, and found everything about her dark. She sat up hazily, feeling strangely as if some sound had wakened her. She reached out and felt the heather beneath her, and touched her painfully dry eyes. She was still in her tunic and belt. She could not remember falling asleep, and she wondered what time it was. 

She thought it must be near midnight. No crack of sunlight seeped through any crevice around her door.


She froze as the faint voice hollered her name again. Slowly she reached out in the dark and grasped her bow.


She racked her brain, trying to place the voice. It was familiar. . . Jéru? What ever is he doing here? Her heart skipped a beat as the thought flashed across her mind: He is running away. He’s running at last, and he wants me to help him! What is to be done?

Jéru didn’t know where to find her, did he? If she kept quiet, he would never know she had ever heard him. Lord Nightseer was known for his pride and cruelty–he would hunt down escaped slaves. Catania knew all the risks. For a moment she sat still, torn between hiding in silence and going out. For an instant she wavered. Then she crawled forward, cracked open her hidden door, and slipped outside.

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The Birthstone Book Tag

Good morning, readers!  Today is my first official day of Summer break!  I celebrated by staying up way too late last night watching Star Wars and sleeping in this morning. 😉  I’m so totally crazy.

Anyway, I snagged this free-for-all tag off of my friend Savannah’s blog (which, unfortunately, is not public, so I can’t link to it), and decided to do it today.  I was tagged by two other tags recently, which I need to get to posting, but I decided to do the unofficial one first, because. . . me.  I think it will come together faster than the other ones though.  I’ll give myself more time to get those together.

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