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So. . . as you can see, the book reviews are only sort-of happening.  I apologize.  I am planning on doing more reading soon though, so that should help.  In the mean time, I’m going to do a tag instead, because. . . I have a lot of tags I need to get done.

Before we start though, ya’ll need to read the last post on our family’s adoption blog.  I am sooo excited!


Okay, now for the tag: my sweet friend Savannah tagged me on this one, and it looks like all kinds of fun!  Sadly, I can’t link to her post, as her blog is private.  Here’s the description of the tag:

   ‘The basic idea of this tag is to take five characters of your creation, answer the six questions for each of your characters, then describe him/her/it in your own words in a paragraph, posts the answers like I did down below, and then tag 1 person per character.’ 

Okay, sounds good!  Most of my characters are from stories that are not yet written, because all the (good) on-paper stories by yours truly have been posted on here, so you all know the characters already.  I’m starting with the main character from Catania’s Forest, because I’m sure you all want to know about her–and because I need to buy myself time because I’m not getting a description of it up on my stories page as soon as I thought. 😉  Anyway, here goes nothing:

1. Catania (Half-written story)

Is the character magical? No

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? She is generally quiet, but she can be quite feisty when she wants to be.  Especially around. . . well, you don’t know him yet, do you?  But she usually does her best to avoid conflict and stay out of trouble.

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? Yes!

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Blonde

What is your character? Human or other? Other.  An elf, to be specific.

Good or bad? Well. . . it’s hard to say with Catania’s Forest, as it’s pretty much every-man (or elf)-for himself, but I would say good.

My description: Blonde, brown-eyed, fair-skinned, agile, skilled, hunter, timid (in a unique way, I guess), stubborn, nature-lover, introvert.

For Catania, I tag Skylar.

2. Woburn (Name spelling still in progress–unwritten story)

Is the character magical? No, not really.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? Not loud, but definitely not afraid to speak his mind.  He really cares about people, but he’s not a caring person in general.  He is also. . . very impulsive.  Anything that flashes across his mind is usually acted on immediately.  This is sometimes good, and sometimes. . . not so much.

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? Well. . . that story bounces between characters (like The Sacrifice), but yes, he’s one of the main characters.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Blond.  Why all the blond characters?  Weird.

What is your character? Human or other? An elf.  (Huh, why does that sound familiar? 😉 )

Good or bad? Good

My description: Tall, blond, blue-eyed (or blue-green, or hazel or something; I’m not quite sure yet), strong, agile, impulsive.  What he loves most is his freedom, his strength (not being able to fight would crush him), and his people (the elves)–especially his family.  What he hates most is goblins, and everything that has to do with them–and probably his mother’s serving girl, Chrysallai, too.

For Woburn, I tag Micaiah, if she hasn’t done this tag yet.

3. Marie (Unwritten)

Is the character magical? No.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? Fairly out-spoken, somewhat loud, kind (unless she gets really riled up).

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? Yes, and this story might end up in first person.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Chestnut brown with golden streaks.  Yes, that’s a thing, I’ve seen it on real people. 😉

What is your character? Human or other? Human.  I think.

Good or bad? Good.

My Description: Cheerful, chipper, flighty, out-spoken, strong, sensitive.  Marie’s always the first one to act.  She does have her moments when she just wants to curl up and get away from it all, but it’s usually just after really close-calls with. . . well, I can’t tell you who.  But at good times, her thirst for adventure is unrivaled by anyone around her–except maybe her brother, Andy (name could change) and her elf-friend, Fly.

For Marie, I tag Ariel.

4. Elizabeth (Half-written and that half in need of re-writing)

Is the character magical? No, there’s no magic in her story.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? She’s quiet and reserved, and she seems timid; but underneath she’s strong and very stubborn.  She doesn’t often interject into quarrels, but if she does, she will go down fighting.  Determined seems to describe her the best.  She is self-controlled, and doesn’t show her feelings much, and she recovers quickly from disappointment and loss.  She can also be caring and protective.

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? Yes

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Dark brown.  Very dark, almost black.

What is your character? Human or other? Human.  Only humans in this story.

Good or bad? Once again, this story isn’t positively black-and-white when it comes to heroes and villains, but I think most people would think of her as good.

My Description: Dark hair, sparkly blue eyes, fair skin.  Beautiful, determined, caring, stubborn, risk-taker, learner, resilient.

For Elizabeth, I tag Jaidyn.

5. ????

As you can see, I’m fudging the rules a little and making #5 unique.  ‘Cause I need some help with this character.  Guess what?  She needs a name.  Common sad predicament of my characters.

I’m just going to describe her, instead of answering all the questions:

She is from the same story that Marie (third character I talked about) is in, and it’s a science fiction story.  (Very Star Wars-ish world-building.)  Marie is the main character, like I said, and this girl doesn’t play a super big role.  But she’s a personal favorite of mine (shhhh! don’t tell!) and at any rate she deserves a name.

I (unfortunately) don’t know how old she is, but I’m fairly sure she’ll be in her twenties somewhere.  She has brown/black hair (yes, that’s common in my stories), a slightly olive/copper skin-tone, and she wears glasses with black, square-ish frames (they’re essentially Margo’s glasses from Despicable Me).  Her eyes are going to be bright blue or dark brown.  I can’t decide which is better, but I’m starting to lean heavily toward the blue.  She is half human, and half some other elf-like creature that isn’t quite created yet, so she’s shorter than humans by a foot or a little more, and has slightly pointed ears.  (I loooove pointed ears, if you were wondering!)  I think she’s going to do a lot of quorky things, like wear knee-high leather “Aragorn” boots with shorts, or dangly silver earrings on an important mission.  I can’t figure out where that side of her came from–probably the work of my own oddities.

Her personality is bubbly, chipper, unquenchable, kind, and positive.  Very positive–she’s a die-hard optimist.  Not so much by choice though, as by nature.  She cries a little, she rallies, and she takes on the world.  Nothing keeps her down, and absolutely nothing is so horrid that it makes a hopeful smile inappropriate.  She loves out-doors and nature, and she has a job farming at the beginning, but I think she’s going to get more involved in the action/spy-work of things later on.  For the most part though, I think she’s mostly just going to be there for moral support, and for sunshiny relief from the grit of the crisis.

If you have any suggestions for a name for her, go ahead and comment!  (I’m going to open this up for everyone to help with, and not tag someone for this character.)  I’ve toyed around with the name Skye, and every variation thereof (yes, Skylar, I’ve considered using your name–I hope you don’t mind?), and I might go with something like that, but I’m not quite sure it’s right.  I’m thinking a name that starts with S or A, would be the best, but but R and T could suit her really well too.  But if you have any suggestions, feel free to go with whatever letter you like, nothing’s set in stone.

Any names?  I’m all ears!!


P.S. For those of you who signed up to get e-mails when I posted and got half of this post earlier today, I’m really sorry.  I accidentally posted it before it was done, and then took it down, but I think it still sent e-mails.  Thanks for understanding!

14 thoughts on “The Describe Tag”

  1. Oooh!! Wonderful post, Hanna!! Savannah just ranted about giving you names–she says she always gets super excited when you do posts that ask for name help. But I’ll let her expound upon that. =p
    But here are a few name suggestions from yours truly!
    -Addilin (not spelled in the same way, but pronounced like it)
    Can’t wait to see you at Rivercrest!!

  2. This was such a fun tag Hanna, I’m glad you did it! I really enjoyed reading it and I was SO excited when you asked for name suggestions 😀 . (if you didn’t know, I love it when people ask for help with names. I’m obsessed with naming things *nods*.) Here are a few of my ideas:

    – Rydia
    – Tyfany
    – Avery
    – River
    – Skylee
    – Reese
    – Adeline
    – Neveah
    – Alexis

    AND I feel like I should stop there 😀 . Like Ariel said, can’t wait to see you at Rivercrest! (and I can’t believe that Becca is coming back SO SOON!!!)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for tagging me! Which character sounds like they would be your favorite?
      I like naming things too. . . though I seem to have trouble thinking of them! I’m glad you like helping, I’ll keep asking then!
      I LOVE your names! Reese? Are you kidding? I had already thought of naming her that! Weird. Maybe that’s supposed to be her name! 😉 I don’t know. I’ll let you guys know when I name her. Guess all of Skylar’s names suit her! She is a little like her, I guess.
      I can’t wait to see you guys either! And I can’t believe Becca’s coming home tomorrow! Just. . . can’t.

      1. Probably the unnamed one. I have a thing for quirky characters 😀 .
        YES keep asking! Naming things is an awesome perk of being a writer *nods*.
        WEIRD. Yup, she seems a bit like a Skylar-ish sort of character. Tell me when you decide what to name her – I am insanely curious!
        Wish Becca a Happy Birthday for me!

        1. Okay, I will!
          Yes, I tell you all. I’m thinking about doing another post with a list of names to vote on, since there’s three I can’t decide between.

    1. Thanks! I like Elizabeth too. I think her story is going to be one of the best I’ve written–if I can write it at all, of course. 😉 It’s sort-of a retelling of Cinderella, but not really–if that makes any sense.

  3. It might be a little late to suggest a name, but I thought of a few
    Okay… so not very many.

    You said you were “all ears”. Those wouldn’t happen to be pointed ears, would they? ;-D

      1. Ooh, those are so pretty, Katie! Even if I don’t use them for this character, they’re definitely going on my list of names. Thank you!
        And YES, of course they’re pointed ears!! And I’m pretty sure Savannah’s an elf in disguise too. 😉

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