Is it August already??

After a summer containing many e-mails and Skype calls. . .

IMG_0836 (1)

IMG_0826 (1)


IMG_0834 (1)

. . . one amazing big sister got back from Europe last Saturday.

And turned twenty the next day!

Happy birthday, Becca!  I love you!!

7 thoughts on “Is it August already??”

  1. EEP!! She is back!! *huggles* *confetti* *birthday cake for the birthday girl*
    Becca I am soooo glad you’re back and the happiest of birthdays EVER to my wonderful, wonderful friend and I miss you so much and we haven’t seen each other in forever and an age and are you coming to River-crest and then I can see your beautiful face again?!
    Okay, I’m done. Glad to have you back, girl! =)

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