“The Sacrifice”: Part seven

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once. (29)

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

March 15th–it’s the Ides of March!  Julius Caesar being the second Shakespeare play I ever read and one of my personal favorites, I had to mention it!

Alright, alright, the story!  Sorry this is so late; Becca, Spencer, and I were at the zoo all afternoon (probably pictures forthcoming 😉 ).

Anyway, enjoy!

IMG_2140 The Sacrifice IMG_2136


Part Seventh: Satisfied

Yes, Penelope. If you are willing, you may go.”

“But, Father!” Henry protested. “This is madness! As bad as surrender! We’re caving to the beast’s wishes entirely. Not to mention: how do we know it won’t break its promise?

“I do not think that is a concern, Henry,” the King answered slowly. “Wicked a creature as it is, I do not think it would dare. We need not consider that. Penelope, are you going?”

The Princess stood up and turned her back to her family—mostly so they couldn’t see how pale she was. “Yes, I’m going.”

“But Penelope—Father!” cried Henry, standing up. “This is exactly what this creature wants us to do! We’re pleasing him!”

King Cedric leaned his head on his hand. “Yes, Henry, we please him greatly.”

Throwing up his hands in frustration, the Prince turned towards his sister. “Penelope, please, this is unheard of! I cannot let you die for me.

“I’m not dying for you, Henry,” Penelope answered quietly. “Go to the highest tower here, and look down on the City. What would you see? I die for these people. You cannot save them by fighting.” For some reason the look of bewilderment in the dragon’s fiery eyes came to her mind. “He will be pleased—but he will not be satisfied. We are stronger than him.” She could baffle this monster—by surrender. The thought gave her strength to turn around. “I’m doing it. I want to spend as much time as I can with you, but I must ask you all not to try and persuade me—I don’t want to change my mind. Please.”

She turned away from them and stalked bravely out of the room—but as soon as the door closed behind her she ran to her room, threw herself on her bed, and cried her heart out.

10 thoughts on ““The Sacrifice”: Part seven”

  1. Told you so!!!! So told you!!!!! 😉
    I wouldn’t cry, Nella, come on!!! Pull yourself together!!! Get some knives, swords, books, and food in bags!!! Bring along your favorite toy too, you’ll have plenty of time to play!!!!

    1. Why do you keep calling her “Nella”? I’m sorry, but Nella will always be your two-year-old Calico Critter to me. So. . . I don’t feel like it fits my nineteen-year-old princess! 😉 Her nickname is “Penny”.

      1. Hey, whenever I think of Penelope I always think: ‘Panellape-Nella’, okay?? It’s my calico critter 2-year-old- that I’ve fallen in love with. #Socute

  2. Ooo, poor Penny 🙁 . Don’t get hurt! Don’t get killed! Don’t let the dragon eat you … or anything like that … Just come back all in one piece, okay, Penny?

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