Bright Red Rose

I got my braces on this afternoon!  So far, they haven’t been as bad as the palate widener, and–from what I’ve heard–I don’t think they’re ever going to be, and the worst is over.

Still, they’re weird, and it was nice to have something cheery to come home to:


Lucy bought me a flower.


With her own money.  All her idea.  And she kept her secret so well–I had no notion of what was going on!


Isn’t it just the sweetest ever?  I’ve never seen such a pretty flower.

She asked how long it would last.  Dad said three days.  I say it lasts forever.  ‘Cause I’ll never forget it.  It’s going in a story someday–probably quite a few!  Everything that a writer remembers lasts forever.


Sparkly tissue paper and everything.  Oh, sparkles are the best!


It smells about about like heaven.

I think I have a new favorite flower.

What sort of things do you love just because of the memories they’re tied to?

9 thoughts on “Bright Red Rose”

  1. That’s was so sweet of Lucy!!!!
    Yes, I’m sure that’s something you’ll remember forever. 😉
    You now what?? Apple pie brings back many memories for me. My Birthday, special dinner’s with family…..;-)
    Yes sparkles are awesome!!!! I’m quite sure Sky would agree with me…. 😉 😉 😉

  2. That is so sweet! And I love your statement that “Everything that a writer remembers lasts forever.” The same goes for an artist or a photographer 🙂

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