25 thoughts on “Leather Boots”

    1. Good idea, I would need to rent leather boots, since that’s the only shoes I do not have in my collection….and archery, well, I would know which end of the arrow is the business end…
      Hanna’s Gma M

  1. Oh my word, I LOVE your boots, Hanna! Yes, I am entirely aware of how awesome leather boots are, I wore them whenever I went to horseback riding lessons 😀 .
    And apparently … I have not lived yet. *sigh* But I will live, I will! Sometime, someday, I will wear leather boots and do archery, and then I will have really lived 😀 .
    Also, you’re right, leather boots are in all the cool stories!

  2. Your boots are so awesome!!!! I’m going to get leather boots eventually!!! They do wear leather boots in all the really good books!!! I’m third in line. 😀

  3. Hahahaha!!!! Yes, I do know because I have a pair…….:-) Actually, we need to do archery together so we can wear our leather boots!! We’ll have to find some belts too. And wear smocks with leggings. That’d get us in the mood!!! All we would need then is some orcs………………

    1. No, Mom took it. I don’t do selfies. 🙂
      Um, yeah. If you wanna bring the smocks. . . I’m afraid boots is my limit.
      Seriously? I thought Middle Earth was scary and confusing, and you’d only want to live in the Shire or Rivendell? Now you want ORCS??

      1. I said to shoot. They’re going to die………. That’s what Middle-earth is. Elves killing orcs, dwarves dying, and hobbits running around all over the place.

          1. I would have to say that I agree with Hanna 😀 . I might not like Middle-earth so much if it were only as Ellen described it 😀 !

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