China Trip Day 11

The Pearl and Jade Market.

It was good and all, but big.  And overwhelming.


Levels and levels. . .


. . . of this.

But there were some really pretty things, and I got great pictures, so let’s look on the bright side!






I loved this model dragon boat!


All. blue.  (That was for you, Savannah!)

IMG_DadsPhone (5)

A lot of you probably saw this on the family blog already, but this was also the day we saw these guys on display at a restaurant we walked by.

IMG_DadsPhone (7)

Appetizing, huh?

China’s quite the adventure, even if you don’t try the authentic foods like this, but there’s nothing wrong with a little adventure now and then, is there?

Happy Monday! 🙂

3 thoughts on “China Trip Day 11”

  1. Ooo, the Pearl and Jade market is BEAUTIFUL! The model dragon boat is amazing, I can see why you like it, so do I! And oh my word, all. That. Blue. Love it! 😀

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