What next?

New header.  I decided to do something more Fallish.  I will be always be a nature person, and my blog will be very in-tune to the seasons! 🙂

In the meantime, I need your opinion on something:

Should I do more weekly posts before The Sacrifice or not?

I have several ideas of posts I could do every week, and I’m seriously considering do “Mystery Quote” again. . . anyway, what do you think?  Should make a new schedule, or just try random posts for now?

19 thoughts on “What next?”

  1. Hey, guys. I’ve been having TERRIBLE writer’s block, and I was puttering around last night with nothing to do, so I checked to see if anyone had commented. The first three comments had been published, and after reading them I smacked my laptop shut and grabbed my notebook. I wrote almost 200 HUNDRED WORDS before I was interrupted.
    You guys wanting to read my stories is the best motivation anyone could ask for. Four words: “keep. on. prodding. me.” Okay, five: “Please”. 😀
    Thanks, ya’ll!

          1. Yes, the sooner we can read ‘The Sacrifice’ the better! Write, Hanna, write! You can do it!

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