??? {Mystery Quote #15} ???

Last week’s quote was from Carry On Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham, Chapter 9: “Anchor to Windward”.

Becca, Spencer, and Savannah guessed the right book!  Now, this week’s quote:

Let me see.  ‘Calm, cool, and quite’–yes, I think I can promise that.  I’ve played the part of a prim young lady on the stage, and I’ll try it off.  My powers are great, as you shall see; so be easy in your mind, my child.”

Happy guessing!

4 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #15} ???”

  1. I was just going to say the same thing as Ellen except I didn’t remember the name of the chapter. 🙂
    I really liked the last week’s quote. That is such a great book! Ellen needs to read it!

    Thanks, Hanna!

    1. I don’t count a guess if someone had to look at the other comments to figure it out. Other than that, I think anything counts.

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