More flowers

Things change fast in the Springtime (especially flowers) and these are from a few days ago, so things in our backyard have changed a bit; but they’re still pretty, so I thought I’d post them. 


The leaves are getting bigger and the flowers are shedding petals, so the first is drowning out the latter.  There weren’t many flowers this year, we’re not sure why.  🙁


There was a dandelion in my last flower-pictures-post too, wasn’t there?  What’s my deal with weeds? 🙂


These flowers are all open now.  I should take more pictures!


It took me foreeeeever to get my camera to focus for this picture!  It didn’t help that M came over to see what I was taking a picture of, ’cause movement doesn’t help cameras focus, and three-year-olds don’t hold still! 🙂



Not exactly a flower!  Still picturesque.  🙂



Strawberry leaves


What will be roses. . .


I think these itty-bitty flowers grew from spilled bird-seed.  The hose is for perspective.  The picture below turned out better.


IMG_1188 IMG_1190

^ A dying tulip and a poor dandelion that Michael picked and left on the concrete.  How sad! 🙂


Things are GROWING!!!  Yippee!



7 thoughts on “More flowers”

    1. Hmm. . . that’s hard. I like roses and hostas, and when our ornamental pear tree blooms (when it has more flowers on it) I think it’s one of the prettiest things in our yard.
      Not sure if I have one favorite, though. How about you?

      1. That’s a hard question, I have SO many favorites! I like the lilac flowers that grow on the lilac bush in our yard a lot, and I also like apple blossoms … though those are just two of many 🙂 . Flowers are so beautiful! ~Savannah

  1. I have kind of been lurking around for a while, but I really enjoy reading your blog. Those flowers are so beautiful!

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