So. . . I know I already posted today, and don’t miss the last part of my most recent science story; but I’m posting again.  Because I need some help.  With names.  Like always.  Are you guys getting tired of this?  I hope not, because I could use a little help naming some characters in the new story I’m writing.

1) first off, I need a name for a young girl, in her early teens or something.  She has three siblings named Sam, Elizabeth, and Paulina; which might give you some idea of what sort of name I’m looking for.

2) second, there is a family in my story who has five children (they’re all under 1O, just F.Y.I.)  Three of them are named Thomas, Elizabeth (yes, again), and Jane.  I’m trying to come up with names for the other two.  They’re both girls.

If you guys could help me come up with something, that would great!  I know I could just try looking back at other times I’ve asked for help with names, but I’m looking for something a little bit more ‘normal’ this time, so I thought I’d just ask for a few new suggestions.  Just if something comes to mind.  Thanks so much,


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  1. I’m not very good at thinking of ‘normal’ names … my mind just automatically thinks of more exotic names … but I’ll give it a shot! And I NEVER get tired of helping people with names, I just love thinking of names, and I really don’t know why. #I’mStrange 🙂
    Here’s what I thought of: Violet, Lora, Gloria, Eleanor, Ella, Rose, Stacy, Ruth, Daisy.
    Yeah, I really like flower names. Hope those are kinda normal-ish 🙂 . If you need any more names, I’m always happy to help! I didn’t say which names are for which girls, because I figured that, since they were all girl names, I didn’t need to do that 🙂 ~Savannah

  2. Wow! Names again??? 🙂 ‘Normal’ names??? It’s about time! 🙂
    Well, the first one maybe Emily or Isabelle (is she the oldest?) and the second one Agatha (nicknamed Aggie) or Laura (Is she the youngest?). That’s all I can think of right now, but when I get more information I can better jude names. I don’t know why, but it does make a difference. A BIG difference. #IAmSuperWeird #JustSmile 🙂
    Happy picking! 🙂

    1. More names:
      Christiana (Chrissy)
      Elianna (Ellie)
      Mathilda (Tillie)
      Melanie (Mel)
      Panellape (Nella, sound familiar? 🙂 )

      Have you picked yet?

  3. Hey, Hanna! Oh my word, oh my word, oh my word. The CF Walk. May 16th. *squeal* #JustSmile Oh, yeah! I’m supposed to comment about names. Okay. Here goes:

    And…..yeah. Good luck! (oh, and by the way, is this going to be a serial story??? By any chance??? :))


  4. I think the name idea posts are fun 🙂

    Some possible names:

  5. Thanks for all the names, guys!
    A lot of questions to answer! I’ve seen others do this:
    Savannah: Thank you so much, those are great names! I usually want exotic names and there are some CRAZY ones in this story, but I just wanted ‘normal’ ones for this certain group of people.
    Ellen: I’m not sure about age-order right now. None of these people are very important, but I DO need names for them!
    Ariel: I am excited about the CF walk too! 🙂 Unfortunately, no, this will not be a serial story. It falls into the happens-with-SFHN-that-I-want-to-publish category. 🙁
    Christina: Thanks! I like your names!

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