The waste-land and the dry land will be glad.
The desert will be full of joy and become like a rose.


Many flowers will grow in it, and it will be filled with joy and singing.


The greatness of Lebanon will be given to it, and the  beauty of Carmel and Sharon.


They will see the shining-greatness of the Lord, the wonderful power of our God.


Give strength to weak hands and to weak knees.
Say to those whose heart is afraid,
“Have strength of heart, and do not be afraid.”


-Isaiah 35:1-4 NLV



7 thoughts on “Spring!”

  1. So beautiful! You are a GREAT photographer! I LOVE the flowers! Not quite sure what the first one is… maybe Apple blossom? I don’t know. But for the ones after that, is it a daffodil, then a dandelion, then a tulip, then a… something, (Not sure what that one is,) 🙂 And after that a Hosta plant? (In order from first to last)

    ~Skylar P. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. I have no clue how ya know that stuff Sky … I mean, I could pick out basic flowers, but I don’t know nearly as many as you do :-).
      Great post, Hanna! I love the words you picked to go with the pictures. All of them are beautiful, by the way 🙂 ~Savannah

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