My Easter escapade is going to be slightly interrupted because I have something very important to post about:


My big brother is turning 16 today.

(Do you feel like the ^above sentence^ needed an exclamation mark?  Me too, but S told me they’re over-used.)

Spencer has always been really fun to play with.  He has always been aware of my feelings and preferences, and has always tried to do things I like.  He has always had a great sense of humor (I think that came from Dad #Randomness), and he always makes me laugh.

I kind-of modeled one of the characters in The Sacrifice after him… which I think was inspired by me realizing that Bryce from Counted Worthy reminded me of him.  Except Spencer isn’t over-protective–he always protects me while we’re on them, but he’s always taking me on adventures! 🙂

Happy birthday, Spencer!

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