Like I said yesterday, we know that there is a happy ending.

The thing is, they didn’t.

Did you ever think about the fact that Jesus was dead for a whole day before the Resurrection?  Did you ever think about what the disciples and the other followers of Jesus did today?

I wonder how many times they forgot about the Crucifixion, and thought about something else.  I wonder how many times their spirits lifted–just a little.  How many times one of them smiled about something–and then remembered.  It’s always like that when you’re sad.  You can forget  for a while, but it keeps coming back.  The over-hanging gloom engulfs you–again.

We know the end of the story.  They didn’t.

People don’t make a big deal about today.  They don’t really mention it.  Maybe because nothing comes to mind.  Nothing happened today.  Or maybe–just maybe–is it because they don’t want to go there?  They don’t want to venture near such despair?  We shy away from the Crucifixion too, just a bit.  Probably because it’s gory, and we don’t like that.  But we talk about Good Friday.  It has a name.  (It’s kind-of too big a deal to be ignored.)  I think we would just have Easter if we could.  Do we not talk about today because nothing happened?  But the people who were living the story couldn’t glaze over it like that.

Have you ever tried putting yourself in their place?

Sometimes when you read allegories it helps you.

But allegories always shorten the time.  It’s always a matter of hours.  The Crucifixion happens at night, and the Resurrection comes the next morning with the rising sun.

Don’t ask why, but this kinda’ bothers me.  If I ever write an allegory, I’m going to put in lots of time that represent today.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I want more emphasis on the Resurrection.

Try to put yourself in Jesus’ follow’s shoes today.  Think about it.  And then think about it tomorrow.

Think about how much joy Easter really created.

Think about conquering death.

Think about what He saved you from.


“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”
-Luke 19:10

5 thoughts on “Tears”

  1. Awesome post Hanna! It definitely made me think. A lot. I really wonder what it was like for the disciples on this day … maybe I should write something about that :-).
    You should totally write an allegory (hope I spelled that right) some day! I’ve wanted to start one before, but I’m never really sure where to begin. I think you could write a really good one :-).
    Speaking of stories, how is ‘The Sacrifice’ coming along? ~Savannah

    1. I’m glad it made you think. I was hoping it would! You should totally write about it!
      “The Sacrifice” is going… alright. I’ve kinda’ put it on hold for a bit because I’m reading a book for History, so I do that in my free-time. But I plan to start writing again when I finish my book!
      I’m in Part 12 and am just getting to a major turning-point… and I’m adding a new character in the next part!
      Phew! Was that a longer answer than you wanted? 🙂

  2. I wrote something similar to this in my journal today! 🙂
    We do gloss over this day, in fact people are already saying “He is risen” because we just can’t wait to get to that part. But this day is just as important, because God coming to earth and dying is a pretty big deal too. Love to read what you write!

    Love you sister!

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