The Cross

It’s Good Friday.

What can I say?  It’s a weird day for us, because we know the end of the story.  It’s a day of terrific tragedy and injustice.  It’s a day of incredible love and redemption.

The cross.  It’s become mundane.  We wear jewelry adorned with crosses, and we don’t really think about the fact that we’re running around with miniature torture machines hung around our necks.

Jade - even in China
Jade – even in China

In Grace Mally’s book Will Our Generation Speak there is a picture her father drew of the Crucifixion, with the caption: famous last words: finally people will stop talking about Jesus now.

People thought they were quenching Him.  But they were not.  They were doing what God had planned for them to do when He sent His Son to earth–because they couldn’t stop the Resurrection,

Like I said before, we know about the Resurrection–already.  We know today.  We’ll know tomorrow.  We knew yesterday.  Which is what makes this such a weird holiday for us.  How do we handle the day our Lord died for us, knowing that He was going to rise again in three short days?

I think I’m going to celebrate today–celebrate my Savior and His incredible love for me.

Remember the cross today, and don’t forget it when Easter comes and you’re distracted trying to find plastic eggs.  Don’t forget it when Easter’s gone, and we think about Summer and the Fourth of July.

I don’t want to ever forget.  I want to think about it next Christmas.

I’ve been saying that Christmas was my favorite holiday.  Because I like how we celebrate it.  But when it comes to what it’s really about–not how we celebrate–I think I like Easter best.

I really do.

7 thoughts on “The Cross”

    1. Probably me too! Or possibly Christmas, because Jesus was born that day so… probably Easter or Christmas! 🙂 I’ve thought about how weird it is that we wear crosses on necklaces too. I mean, why do we wear it if that’s what Jesus died on? 🙂 ~Sky

  1. Well, because when He died, we were set free. So I suppose it could symbolize that. You know, I was thinking, why do we make a bigger deal about Jesus coming into the world than celebrating Him accomplishing the task He was sent to do?
    Oh, and what a beautiful post, Hanna! Keep shining your light!


  2. Beautiful post Hanna. I love to celebrate Christ’s victory over death and His glorious resurrection. What a precious gift and what amazing grace!

  3. For victory over death and the promise of eternal life with Him, this is the season. He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

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