Our Chinese New Year Celebration!


Michael and Lucy helped make red, paper lanterns with Mom.  The ones on either side are store-bought, but they made the middle one.  (They made more than that; I’m not sure what happened to the other ones.)


IMG_0686 IMG_0687


Mama decorated our table the night before.

We had Asian food for dinner, and then lit off fireworks:

IMG_0704 IMG_0693 IMG_0697 IMG_0701 IMG_0703



Michael stomping "snaps" with his little lawn-chair.  Sooo cute! :)
Michael stomping “snaps” with his little lawn-chair. Sooo cute! 🙂

The noise was a little too much for some of us, so Mom and Becca went inside with the littles to watch out the window, while I stayed outside and took pictures.

IMG_0706 IMG_0709 IMG_0711 IMG_0717 IMG_0718


I cannot believe I got such a good picture!  I was just randomly snapping!

Sparkling juice:

IMG_0721 IMG_0722 IMG_0723 IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0726

Xin Nian Kuai Le, folks!

13 thoughts on “Our Chinese New Year Celebration!”

  1. Whoa, looks like y’all had a lot of fun! Love the lantern that Lucy and Micheal made :-).
    I LOVE the pics you got of the fireworks, especially the last one! It’s amazing! Fireworks are so fun! I also really like the pic of Micheal stomping ‘snaps’ :-). ~Savannah

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