Mama’s birthday, more about my writing, and an apology

Today is Mama’s birthday!  Three years ago we brought M home from the hospital on her birthday… the only way to top the year before when we had nearly a hundred people over for an open house!  So glad Lucy is here this year!

Mama is very patient, and has sacrificed a lot because of her decisions on how to parent us.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother!


I’m facing writer’s block with “Searching For His Name” again, and I was wondering if you guys would help me?  The main character is traveling through a tunnel under a mountain, and I need some way for there to be light, so he can see this creature he runs into.  Any creative ideas about how he could get light down there?


I also think I should apologize that I haven’t been reading and approving comments: Spencer just taught me how to do that yesterday, so I’m hoping to do better… obviously, as I just asked you guys to give me ideas! 🙂

I read through four pages of comments last night.  I found a lot of spam, but I also found some very encouraging things that all of you took the time to type!

16 thoughts on “Mama’s birthday, more about my writing, and an apology”

    1. Maybe there is a certain material in the tunnel (A type of rock, crystal, etc.) that emits its own light …. or an insect that lives in that tunnel that can make light, kinda like a glowworm. Hope you can get past your writer’s block soon! I get it all the time, and it’s TERRIBLY annoying 🙂
      Tell your mom happy birthday for me! -Savannah

  1. Perhaps you come around the bend and there is an adjoining tunnel that comes from a different direction. It could be people or a civilization of some sort. Or, in your imagination, or an answer to prayer. An interior waterfall. Thoughts… How your block has a breakthrough.

    Love you

  2. I’m not sure what you should use, but I can tell just by reading your blog that you are a good writer, so I’m sure you’ll come up with something! 🙂 ~Skylar
    P.S. And the top comment is not from me, it is from Ariel! 🙂

  3. They used ‘glow worms’ hanging from the ceiling in Theft of Swords, glowing mushrooms in Eragon, fire flies in Guardians of the Galaxy, and threads of phosphorescent mineral ore in a couple others.

  4. Hi Hanna,
    Maybe you could have the creature glow (like gollum’s eyes) or you could have a hole in the top of the cave to let sunlight or moonlight in.

  5. (This is pretty similar to Ellen’s idea, but I thought I would just throw it out there.) Maybe there are several small holes on the ceiling of the tunnel, and only at a specific time of night or day, light can get through them, creating a path to … some place in the tunnel. Or maybe your character is wearing something that could be glowing … even though that probably wouldn’t create much light … Just some ideas! (By the way, is your story fantasy or realistic fiction?) -Savannah

      1. Oh, neat! Pretty much all the stories I write are fantasy … I actually don’t think I have ever written a realistic fiction story! That’s kinda surprising :-). How many chapters have you written in ‘Searching For His Name’? -Savannah

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