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“The Sacrifice” Questions and Answers

Hey, readers!  I’m here to answer all the questions asked about The Sacrifice in the comments of this post.  I’m really excited about sharing this. 😉


“Do YOU have a favorite character?” by Savannah

Probably Gimel or Penelope.

“How do you pronounce Gimel’s name?” by Savannah

Well, like I said, it’s a Biblical name.  I have no idea how you’re supposed to pronounce it!  I have been saying “GUY-mel”.

“… is there the possibility of a sequel? 😀” by Savannah
“Will you be writing more, like a sequel, of the Sacrifice?” by Ariel

“That’s highly restricted information you’re asking for”, girls.  Okay, fine, I’ll tell you: Yes.  There is a great possibility.  No promises, ‘kay?  But there is definitely the possibility.

“Which was your favorite part to write? Which was your least?” by Savannah

Well, like I said in the Behind-the-Scenes post, a lot of the first parts with Sir Richard were hard to write.  It took me quite a while to think of a good ending too, but once I figured out what I wanted to do it came pretty fast.  The easiest ones to write were all the conversations and fights with the dragon. 😉

“If you could literally meet one of your characters in The Sacrifice, who would you pick?” by Savannah

Uh. . . wow!  That’s hard!  Probably Penny or Henry. 🙂

“Which character would do the best if they were suddenly put into the modern world?” by Savannah

How’d you think of such hard questions, Savannah?  I want to say Sir Richard, as he’s been in a lot of weird situations and he’s good at thinking on his feet.  But he has put a lot of confidence on the Sword of Ereth, and that might cause trouble in a modern world.

“Who’s your favorite person out of the whole royal family?” by Jaidyn

Um. . . I don’t know!  I like them all.  Probably Penelope or Henry, but that might just be because they’re main characters.  King Cedric was pretty fun to work with though!

“If you went into your story and wanted a tour of the palace, who do you think would be the best tour guide?” by Jaidyn

Hmm. . . Probably Henry?

“Who did you most enjoy writing?” by Ariel

Penelope and Abadalyx. 🙂  But like I said earlier, the King was pretty fun too!

“Who do you like better out of Cyrus and Snowflake?” by Ariel

Wow, I really had to think about this one!  Probably Cyrus.  Yes, I’m playing favorites.  Please don’t be offended, Horse-people, dogs are my favorite animal.  I do really like how Snowflake turned out though.

“If you could actually BE any of the characters in your story, who would you choose to be, and why??” by Skylar

Penelope, because 1) she’s a girl 🙂 and 2) she’s a princess!  How fun would that be?  There is the whole dragon-issue, but at least there’s a happy ending, right?

“If you could be best friends with any of the characters, who would you choose???” by Skylar

Cyrus?  Or does it have to be a person?  Out of the people, Penelope.

“Which one of the characters could you most see having a spin-off story?” by Skylar

Oh my word, you guys want all the spoilers!  Okay, I’m feeling nice: Sir Richard.  I’m thinking about writing a story about all his adventures with his sword in other kingdoms, before The Sacrifice takes place.

“Which of the characters was easiest to name??” by Skylar

Penelope, Henry, and Gimel’s names came pretty fast.  And as soon as Spencer suggested the name Abadalyx the Insatiably Greedy, I knew it was perfect.  All the horses were easy to name too.

“Which of the characters was hardest to name??” by Skylar

Cyrus was hard to name, and I almost went with some of the names Spencer suggested for him, but in the end went with Cyrus because it was a Biblical name like Jael.  The King and Queen were also hard to name–so hard I needed two whole blog posts asking for help before I got them both named!


And I think that’s it.  Thank you to everyone who asked questions–you had some good ones!  I hope you had as much reading this as I had writing it!

Happy Friday!

“The Sacrifice” Behind-the-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes!  It’s long–you have been warned. 😉


The Inspiration

The inspiration for The Sacrifice lies way back, before I even had a blog.  The original story was inspired by a short dragon story from The Children’s Book of Virtues edited by  William J. Bennett.  I came up with a story that was essentially The Sacrifice, but still quite different.  I was planning on writing it down, but then had inspiration for The Captured Princess Series (cheesy title, I know), which has basically the same plot line as The Sacrifice, just stretched and twisted into five stories–and pretty long stories too, for me at least.  After writing that, the other story felt short and uninteresting and I gave it up.

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