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“P” is for “Princess”

Little sister has been working on learning the English alphabet this school year, and she is doing wonderful!  Our whole kitchen is now surrounded by letters, taped to the walls.  We have a set of letters we’re using, but we’ve made our own with a few of them, and when we got to P is for pig, we decided P is for princess would be more meaningful.

Mom and I found this cutie while searching for princesses, and she was so pretty I decided to post her:


But there was one problem with using her for our alphabet: she’s blond.  And blue-eyed.

I have nothing wrong with blond hair and blue eyes (and a good thing, huh? 🙂 ), but Mama wasn’t sure it was a good idea for our purpose, as it makes Lucy a little sad when princesses look like me, not her.

So we e-mailed it to Spencer (our tech-support), and (because Spencer’s magic) he turned it into this:


Isn’t she beautiful?  I love her new coffee-colored hair, her brown eyes, and that peppermint-candy washi tape!

Our house has gained many more princess in the year and six months (ish) that Lu has been home, and I now I can’t imagine how I ever got on without them! 🙂

Happy Saturday!


Hi, ya’ll!  Sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  We got back from a short trip to Colorado last Thursday.  It was only a few days long, but a great trip–spending time with my family and the friends we stayed with, being outside, reading in the car (I love road-trips!), and. . . (drum-roll please!) my first time skiing.


It was a cross between the scariest, most stressful thing I had ever done, and the funnest and most exciting. 🙂


So. . . I have a love/hate relationship with skiing, at the moment.


But, I’m glad we went!  It was fun, and the weather was perfect, and the scenery was to die for.


But I didn’t die for it (I survived skiing!), so I’m back, and I’m hoping to start posting more.  I know I’ve been a wee bit sparse lately.


P.S. Can you get too old for dressing up?  We stayed with some friends of ours, and they had the best dress up clothes ever–and they even fit a fifteen-year-old!  What more could a girl ask for?


Happy Sunday! 🙂