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Earl Grey Tea

I make horrible decisions pretty often.  But once in a while I make decisions like deciding to incorporate tea into Nieo and Star’s story world–that was a good decision.  You have to describe tastes, so I can now randomly make myself my favorite kinds of tea and call it story research.  Clever, I know. 😉

Happy Wednesday!!

All the Writerly Angst

I think one of the perpetual questions a writer asks is will anyone really want to read this?  I often find myself wondering if anyone else cares even a bit about the things I write about.  I have yet to find some perfect way to know what the world (or even my corner of it) wants to read, so I fall back on writing to myself–I like reading this kind of thing and I’ll trust that others do too.

So we have this post.

I love reading about other writers’ writing processes, so I’m going to take a little long post to talk about my writing desk.

When I finished writing Catania’s Forest close to this time last year, I was left with the inevitable question of what to write next.  The stories come and go so fast!

There was a quaint little story I had left lying around half-written called Blue Eyes Eastward.  I picked it up again and decided to finish writing it before anything else.  I got a new story idea partway through (Anchored, my pirate story) and started plotting it, but Blue Eyes was still a priority.

Well, then I had a setback, that started when I realized my villainess was sadly shallow.  In the end I realized I didn’t like the themes of my story at all, I was doing things I had seen other authors do and hated, and I needed to consider dropping it.  So that story died–I killed it.  And man! was that hard.  When I look back on it, I don’t feel much for that story, but at the time it was a very hard decision to make.  As Anchored was still deciding what it wanted to be and how many characters would live through it, I was not ready to start writing it (still not!).  So there was a lull.

And into that lull came “Nieo and Star”, the story I’m currently writing.  And guys, I love this story so much!  There literally aren’t humans in this story, it’s straight fantasy creatures, and my imagination is. in. heaven.  While Cat’s Forest was certainly fantasy, I was very focused on making it feel real and it’s darker than what I usually write (I know that some of you will find it amusing that I call Cat’s Forest dark, but it’s dark for me!).  And so as Anchored isn’t typical fantasy and all the important characters are human, and I’ve been toying around with some sci-fi lately, this story is just perfectly timed!  It feels so, so good to get back to good ol’ classic Medieval fantasy and remember why it’s my favorite genre.

But, of course, it isn’t all peaches and rainbows through and through.  While this has been a pretty peaceful stage in my writing with minimal writer’s block, it’s also lead me to think about being a writer more than usual.  This story feels unique.  It’s also very, very me.  It’s been a long time since I wrote something so fresh off my imagination.  It’s hard to put into words, but this story feels personal.  Which means it’s more fun to write, but it’s really scary!  I feel like I’m slicing a piece off my heart and pasting it to a page.

And hence: the inevitable question.  Does anyone want this stuff besides me?

And I don’t really have an answer.  Would people like Nieo and Star?  Would anyone read it?  I don’t know.  But I’m writing it anyway, and I’m writing it the way my imagination wants it, in hopes that someone else is like me, and someone else likes to read such things.

Anyway, I hope this post didn’t feel too down-in-the-dumps and someone found it interesting.  If anything, it was interesting to write!  Happy Monday!!

“Describe Tag” Re-Run

Ugh, it’s been way too long!  Anyway, I’m back now, with a new story idea in tow.

This random plot bunny showed up a little while ago, and I liked it but didn’t give it much attention.  Very recently though, it started to take over more and more of my thought-life, until it finally just straight-up asked to be written–right now.  I tried to explain I had too much going on and it wasn’t fair to the older story ideas if I didn’t write them first, but to no avail.  If you haven’t yet realized, I frequently argue with plot bunnies, yet never win.  All that to say, the story won as usual, and I started writing the first draft yesterday.  Still not sure where it’s going, but I’m still super hyped about it right now and I decided to do The Describe Tag again with five of my new characters!

(I changed the order of the questions and left the last one out, because I’m just having fun here and making my own rules. 🙂 )

  1. Alin

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? Yes!

Is the character magical? I don’t think so. . . ?

What is your character? Human or other? Other.  In fact, there isn’t (as of yet!) a single human to make an appearance in this story.

(And because you probably want to know, Alin is an elf.)

(Yes, I am obsessed.  End of story.)

Good or bad? For some reason, this question always throws me off!  Maybe because I end up redeeming so many of my bad guys and I try so hard to make all my characters realistically flawed?  I don’t know.  To stay on topic, I’d call Alin good.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Blonde.  Because for some reason I’m really “in” to blonde elves??  I do often relate to elves, and I’m blonde, so maybe I just subconsciously portray all elves as me?  I really have no idea.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? Hm.  Pretty quiet and reserved before he gets to know people er, creatures really well.  Very determined.  A bit impulsive, quick to act.  A deep feeler, but quiet about it.


2. Nieo

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? No.  But he might be my favorite. . . *insert guilty smile*  What?  Authors pick favorites?  Yep, totally.

Is the character magical? Not. . . as of yet?  As you can see, I don’t have my world-building figured out yet.

What is your character? Human or other? Nieo is a troll, but since my trolls aren’t typical trolls, I guess that’s not super helpful. . .

Good or bad? Good.  Like I said, potential favorite.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Inapplicable.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? Very reserved, very quiet, but very strong and opinionated.


3. Star

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? Nope.

Is the character magical? No.  (As far as this poor, uninformed author can tell!)

What is your character? Human or other? A goblin.  But once again, not a typical goblin, so that’s not an altogether appropriate title, though I don’t know what else to call him.

Good or bad? Good.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Brown.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? Uh. . . Star is hard to categorize.  He’s energetic, but pretty laid-back and forgiving.  He’s cautious, very sarcastic, squirrelly (in every sense of the word), and pretty emotional.


4. AEmilia

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? The story began by following Alin, but I’m pretty sure some of it will be from AEmilia’s perspective as well.

Is the character magical? Potentially.  Even probably.  I could see her being “magical” like Luthien was in The Silmarillion (subtle magic connected to her voice and–when she wants it–her hair).  I think I want to give AEmilia healing powers.

What is your character? Human or other? Another elf.

Good or bad? She doesn’t always move the story in a positive direction, but I’d call her good.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Also blonde. *cough cough*

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? Hm.  She isn’t reserved, she’s very open and blatant about her opinions, though she usually tries to be respectful of others’ beliefs.  She likes to think things through, but once she makes a decision, there’s no turning back!  AEmilia goes all in, and she’s very loyal.


5. Kaen

Is the character the main character of the book it’s in? No.

Is the character magical? This story world is very open to magic, so I’m really enjoying experimenting with it, as you might have noticed!  The plotline would work perfectly well with Kaen only using his wit and physical skill, but I think he’ll use some simple magic as well.

What is your character? Human or other? ‘Nother elf.

Good or bad? Once again, kinda grey area here.  But unlike AEmilia, he doesn’t really have a decisive ending and character arc, as he’s not a main character.

What hair color (if applicable) does the character have? Blonde again, but dark blonde, slightly red.

Is the character mean, loud, quiet, reserved, etc.? I wouldn’t call him reserved–he’s friendly and very outgoing–but I wouldn’t exactly call him loud.  Kaen is very sympathetic, and very loyal–loyal to a fault, maybe.


And there’s that.  Yes, they’re all pretty much good–my bad guys are boring, so I never talk about them. 😉  Hope you all enjoyed reading this!  Do my characters catch your interest?