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Thank You!!!

I actually got 26 comments on my last post!  That might be a record!  Thank you for your in-put!

Most people said that they liked hearing about China, Michael and Lucy–which is what I post about the most anyway, I think.  Someone said they liked the quotes I post; and I got votes for my tags “Adventure,” “Middle Earth,” and “Frozen.”

Thank you all for your help, I’ll keep this in mind as I post in the future!  In the meantime, I received a request recently for a quote from “Searching For His Name”; and, as I’m never tired of dumping things I wrote on people, I thought I’d give you all a whole list of quotes from things I’ve written.  Here goes:

This shows that the King… (though a very wise king) did not have much experience with dragons: for all of them are greedy and none of them are likely to go away when they know there is something left to get if they stay (8).

-“The Captured Princess Series: The Great Battle” 2013

In it he now kept the dark, eastern sword… this sword was strong and deadly, and Joshua had decided not to use it for practice or for play-fights (31).

-“The Ebony Sword” 2013

(This is one of my favorites of all the things I’ve written.)

And I just finished writing one of my favorite parts of my work-in-progress:

They all had their hair down now; and it was flecked with shimmering pin-points of white, like snowflakes on a black mitten or stars in a dark sky (103).

-“Searching For His Name” 2015

Sorry, guys; I know this is kinda’ girlie.  The whole book’s not like that.  Honestly.  Just read these!

Hmm… 2013 must’ve been a good year for writing!  I started S.F.H.N. that year too! 🙂


We got a TON of snow last night.  All seven (SEVEN!!!  Whoot whoot!) of us went out this morning to play in it; and Mom made hot chocolate when we came inside! It tasted SO good! 🙂   You can see pictures here, and though I didn’t get any of us outside, I’m hoping to post some I took of the snow soon!

Random: have any of you noticed that when we say this morning (see above, which is why I thought of it) we say it like “thi’ smorning” not this_morning.  Weird.

Yes, that’s the kinda’ thing I think about.  Call me crazy.


I started school this week for the first time after China.  The first week has gone well!  I mean, I didn’t get all my subjects done every day, but we usually start slow.  #ILoveHomeSchooling

And, thanks to all your great suggestions, my writing has picked back up: I scribbled out the one-hundredth page in “Searching For His Name” today! 🙂

“At least Mrs. Miller had given him mittens.  Rodden covered his hands and stepped forward.  He sank almost up to his knees.  He scowled at the elven-boots.  At least they kept his feet warm.” –“Searching For His Name,” page 100.


Michael isn’t even favoring his foot anymore, but some of us are still coughing pretty bad.  We would appreciate your prayers still.  Thank you all for responding so well!  You guys give great writing-tips and you’re wonderful prayer-warriors.

Lucy is learning English faster than you would believe!  We can communicate better every day.  We are still watching shows in Chinese though–“My Friends, Tigger and Pooh” to be precise.  We can’t understand what they’re saying of course (except for a few words we’re able to pick out) but you can still tell what’s going on from the visual.  I still enjoy watching it even though I’ve seen a certain five episodes something like a million times! 🙂

Hope you guys are all having a great week!


Thank you all for your help with naming my character!  I decided what to call her last night, so without further ado, allow me to introduce you to…

(Drum-roll please!)

Allison Willow Pearl

Most of you actually liked Allison the best, but Willow was not second; I just liked it! 🙂

I actually wasn’t going to worry about her middle name yet, but I just starting thinking about middle-names the other night for her siblings and Allison Willow just came to mind.

I came up with a few fun facts about her to share with you guys:

* First of all, that there are 18 kids in her family, not 17 like I said.  In my defense, I did make up the one I forgot last.

* She has 4 older brothers and 4 younger brothers.

* She has 2 older sisters and 6 younger sisters.

* She was the youngest until her family started adopting–just like me. 🙂

* There are three seventeen-year-olds and two eighteen-year-olds in the Pearl family, but Allison is the only nineteen-year-old.

* Her namesake, Allyson, was the second-oldest of five girls.  She comes into my story “The Captured Princess Series.”

Thank you all for your help!

“The surging waters, the bright maple leaves, the even brighter flames; the  memories of the pleasantness and the horribleness of their journey–all faded and Peter was back in the present at once.”

–“The Captured Princess Series,” Book 4: “With Home So Far Away”


Thank you all so much for praying for Michael!  He is doing pretty good.  He was walking on his heels yesterday so he didn’t have to step on his foot… we tried to explain that he only had to walk on ONE heel and could use the other foot normally, but I don’t think we got that across. 🙂

Thank you all so much for your suggestions with “Searching For His Name”!  I think I’m going to use Savannah’s idea of something like a glowworm.  I came really close to using one of Ellen’s, but I couldn’t figure out how to work them into this particular story.  I had a feeling it might be Ellen or Savannah… probably because I knew they both made up stories too! 😉  Thank you for all your suggestions, they were great!

And I’m actually needing more help with one of my stories:

I made up this family that I’m probably going to write a book about someday, and I need help naming one their daughters.

She is 19, cheerful, energetic, and kind.  She has red/blond hair and brown eyes, and she loves animals.  You will find her quietly sitting and doing needle-work with her sisters one minute, and then outside racing horses with her brothers the next!

This family has 17 children (I know, I know; I just like big families) and she is one of the 4 biological children.  Which means that they’ve adopted 13, so obviously she is accepting and trusting.

She is sweet and kind, but also playful and she loves to tease!  I came up with four different names I could use, and I can’t decide which one suites her the best… which is where you guys come in!  The names are:

* Allison

* Apple

* Sparrow

* Willow

I like both the A-names because she has two brothers about her age whose names start with A, and then they would match.

I like Allison because I wrote another book that takes place in the same country (which I made up, by the way) and there’s a princess in it named Allyson that she could be named after.

I like the name Apple because it’s unique!

Anyone who knows our family well will know why I like the name Sparrow and why it makes me think of adoptive families! 🙂

And I like Willow because I read a book once that had a picture in it of a “Willow Fairy” that was very beautiful, so it now sounds pretty and peaceful to me.  I also like it because her biological sister (the only other girl in her family that was named by the same people) is also named after a tree.


Please comment and tell me which name you like the best!  I’m not going to just-use-the-one-with-the-most-votes-no-matter-what, but I might and I think it will help me out.


Mama’s birthday, more about my writing, and an apology

Today is Mama’s birthday!  Three years ago we brought M home from the hospital on her birthday… the only way to top the year before when we had nearly a hundred people over for an open house!  So glad Lucy is here this year!

Mama is very patient, and has sacrificed a lot because of her decisions on how to parent us.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother!


I’m facing writer’s block with “Searching For His Name” again, and I was wondering if you guys would help me?  The main character is traveling through a tunnel under a mountain, and I need some way for there to be light, so he can see this creature he runs into.  Any creative ideas about how he could get light down there?


I also think I should apologize that I haven’t been reading and approving comments: Spencer just taught me how to do that yesterday, so I’m hoping to do better… obviously, as I just asked you guys to give me ideas! 🙂

I read through four pages of comments last night.  I found a lot of spam, but I also found some very encouraging things that all of you took the time to type!

Did you know that I’m an author?

I visited a world today that I created over a year ago in 2013.  After a long writer’s block, I was surprised to come back so inspired.  I wrote over a chapter today in “Searching For His Name” not to mention I read everything I’d already written–almost exactly 90 hand-written pages.


“Is my name even worth all this?!” thought Rodden as he fought his way forward through the under-brush (61).


It was the Thing when I started it; until I started another book that took over.  I honestly think “The Captured Princess Series” is better, but this is at least worth finishing.  (I’ve learned my lesson about starting a book before you finished the last one! 🙂 )


“It looks as if you got into some trouble on the way!” observed the young man, scowling at Rodden’s tied hands.  “I didn’t do anything!” He cried earnestly.  “Honestly I didn’t!  They found me just standing on the mountain-side.  I don’t know what they wanted.”  Rodden sighed: it did NOT sound very convincing!  (66)


I’m in the middle of three books right now.  Which is a mess.  Don’t try it.  I get inspiration for stories before I can write them down.  Only now I’m going to keep them in my head until the first one’s written!

As I started “Searching For His Name” first I decided it made sense to finish it first.

Actually, I came back to it first because the computer wasn’t available and the others are typed, and then decided the above.


But I must press on, through sleet and snow, in sun or rain,

To reach that little white house again.

Back to the home I love so well,

Back to my loved-ones my tale to tell!


Maybe someday I’ll publish it, and you guys can read it.  And then you can tell people that you knew about it first! 🙂