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Catania’s Forest ~ Part One

I always said while I was writing Catania’s Forest that it would turn out to be the best thing I’d ever written, or the greatest fail in the history of my pen-and-inking.  I believe it has turned out to be neither.  I like to think it’s rather a nice story, but it’s definitely not my favorite thing I’ve written–and most of the characters did something that made me broiling mad at them, sometime during the process.  But here I am, with a fully written and somewhat edited story. 😉

Picking favorites of my writings aside, I’m quite happy.  And I’m quite excited to have a new story to post!

This story is more intense than most things I usually write, so younger readers should probably discuss it with their parents before reading it.  If parents would like to read about the content, they can click on the link below.  It does include some spoilers, but not very big ones.

Parents, Click Here for Overview

Why do I always end up rambling on and on like this, when I start posting a story?  Well, without further ado, here it is.  I’ll be including two maps I drew at the end of all the posts, if you get confused.  Click on them to see them bigger.

Catania’s Forest: The Little Drummer-boy in Narnia ~ Part One


Catania hardly dared to breathe as her brown eyes unblinkingly tracked every move of the unknowing stag. She slowly drew her arrow back to her pointed ear. The stag remained unmoved, listlessly grazing. He was almost invisible in the dim, leaf-choked light of the forest at what must be nearly twenty-five yards. The young elf had never shot a deer at such a distance, but she was afraid to move closer.

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So earlier this week, I finally decided it was time to buckle down and finish Catania’s Forest.

I decided to make up a posting schedule starting next week, hoping that would motivate me to finish writing by the weekend.  And then I figured out I was going to my speech club’s practice tournament tomorrow, and. . . needed to finish my speech.  I decided to go ahead and try to do both, and write myself off a cliff, because I’m just like that sometimes.  I’m happy to say my speech is going fine (and I have the excuse that I just got home from China and am “technically” still jet-lagged, if it goes terribly), and (drum-roll please) Catania’s Forest went to the editors today!!  That sounds awfully official.  It’s really just my parents–but they’re awesome proofreaders.

So, all that to say, I’m done writing Cat’s Forest, and it should make it’s appearance on here. . . soon.  We’ll just play it safe, and not say anything more specific than soon. 🙂


I wrote a paper on archery last school year, and I was going to post it on here, and somehow it never happened all summer.  So. . . here we are now.  My apologies to everyone who has been waiting to read this.


So long as the new moon returns in heaven a bent, beautiful bow, so long will the fascination of archery keep hold of the hearts of men” (Thompson, 5).

The bow is a fascinating weapon, and it has been used since the days of ancient Egypt. Today, firearms have taken its place in warfare, but archery is still practiced as an intriguing sport, and a powerful method of hunting. It is the oldest sport still practiced. The Scorton Silver Arrow Contest, begun in Yorkshire, England in 1673 (Haywood, x) is still held today—and still for only male archers over twenty-one (Studelska, 35). It is the oldest recorded sporting event (Studelska, 35). In this paper, I will explore different types of archery practiced today, discuss the history of archery, and give some examples of archery in literature.

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iHeart Writing Tag

Micaiah tagged me for the iHeart Writing Tag a while ago, and I’m finally getting around to doing it.  I’m so sorry it took me this long, Micaiah.  Also, the blog you linked to that had the rules in it isn’t showing up, so I might not do this right.  I apologize.

Anyway, here’s my short story (which is actually quite long 😉 ):

Cara’s olive green skirt swept across the grass, rustling as she walked. The arrows in the quiver at her side jostled each other with a soft rattling sound. She figured the edge of the bow she held as she took a deep breath of the warm, spring air. Butterflies swirled and danced above the wild flowers straggling from the edge of the woods; as if expressing the joy that filled Cara’s heart. Sir Stephen was holding a banquet that night in honor of the Thane of Silvestar’s visit, and every friend she had in the countryside would be there. The idea of trying to introduce Ayla to everyone nagged at her blissful mind, the only thing tainting her happiness. She hoped with Lord Silvestar there she would be excused from the responsibility.

A soft rustle near the edge of the forest fell upon her ears, and she turned toward the trees. A small hare crouched warily on the verge of the trees, its brown-grey ears twitching. Cara snatched an arrow from her quiver as silently as she could and put it to her bow. She aimed quickly and let the arrow slide through her fingers, the red feathers brushing her cheek. The small animal darted away into the underbrush and her arrow struck the ground, nearly six inches off her mark. She sighed and started forward to retrieve her shaft.

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The Text Tag

Good afternoon, readers!  How are we?

I was tagged I’m-so-not-telling-how-long-ago, by my sweet friend Savannah.  It looks like a lot of fun, thank you, Savannah.  And sorry it took so long!

~Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them
~Answer the original 6 text-themed questions
~Add a typography/word related question for those you tag to answer
~Tag 6+ bloggers and notify them that you tagged them
~Include these rules in your post

1. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet? Probably A, or S.  At least when it comes to names.

2. What are three words you love? Whaaaaat?  Only three?  Fine, I’ll try: Bibliophiletoxophilite, and gonfalonier.  The first because they’re totally me, and the second because it’s cool and I need to use it in a story someday.

And I can’t help but add that I also love the words cinnamon, willow, wolf, and sparrow.

3. What are three words you hate? Um. . . math, grammar, and petunia.  I know it’s weird, and they’re pretty flowers, but I don’t like their name.  Probably because of a picture book I read when I was little.

4. If you could create a word, what would it be, and what would it describe?  That’s hard!  Probably another word for love, that meant unconditional, Christ-like love.

5. What are your three favorite punctuation marks? — * ;

6. What are your three favorite fonts?

Brush Script MT

Book Antiqua (especially italics)

Old English Test MT

Savannah’s question: What is one word you are constantly misspelling? Well, I spelled sacrifice as sacrfice for a long time, but typing it so many times pretty much cured me of that. 😉  And my because‘s sometimes turn out to be becasue.  And my words are wrods quite often.

I tag: Jaidyn and Skylar, if they would like to do it.  (I’m afraid I can’t think of six–please feel free to snag it if you’re interested!)  My question is: What is your least favorite letter of the alphabet?

The Describe Tag

So. . . as you can see, the book reviews are only sort-of happening.  I apologize.  I am planning on doing more reading soon though, so that should help.  In the mean time, I’m going to do a tag instead, because. . . I have a lot of tags I need to get done.

Before we start though, ya’ll need to read the last post on our family’s adoption blog.  I am sooo excited!


Okay, now for the tag: my sweet friend Savannah tagged me on this one, and it looks like all kinds of fun!  Sadly, I can’t link to her post, as her blog is private.  Here’s the description of the tag:

   ‘The basic idea of this tag is to take five characters of your creation, answer the six questions for each of your characters, then describe him/her/it in your own words in a paragraph, posts the answers like I did down below, and then tag 1 person per character.’ 

Okay, sounds good!  Most of my characters are from stories that are not yet written, because all the (good) on-paper stories by yours truly have been posted on here, so you all know the characters already.  I’m starting with the main character from Catania’s Forest, because I’m sure you all want to know about her–and because I need to buy myself time because I’m not getting a description of it up on my stories page as soon as I thought. 😉  Anyway, here goes nothing:

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Hey, readers!

We’re going to forego the book review this time, because I’m a bit busy today and I have something else to post about:

I have different pages now, top right!  From now on, I’m going to have links to all my stories on the “My Stories” page, and no longer tag them with their title.  The tags in my tag cloud (to the left) will be posts about the story, not the story itself.  Also, I made a little announcement, at the bottom of the stories page, go check it out!  I’m planning on releasing more information around the beginning of August.

That’s all for now, folks.  I’ll try and get a review up next week.

Happy Tuesday!

“The Sacrifice” Questions and Answers

Hey, readers!  I’m here to answer all the questions asked about The Sacrifice in the comments of this post.  I’m really excited about sharing this. 😉


“Do YOU have a favorite character?” by Savannah

Probably Gimel or Penelope.

“How do you pronounce Gimel’s name?” by Savannah

Well, like I said, it’s a Biblical name.  I have no idea how you’re supposed to pronounce it!  I have been saying “GUY-mel”.

“… is there the possibility of a sequel? 😀” by Savannah
“Will you be writing more, like a sequel, of the Sacrifice?” by Ariel

“That’s highly restricted information you’re asking for”, girls.  Okay, fine, I’ll tell you: Yes.  There is a great possibility.  No promises, ‘kay?  But there is definitely the possibility.

“Which was your favorite part to write? Which was your least?” by Savannah

Well, like I said in the Behind-the-Scenes post, a lot of the first parts with Sir Richard were hard to write.  It took me quite a while to think of a good ending too, but once I figured out what I wanted to do it came pretty fast.  The easiest ones to write were all the conversations and fights with the dragon. 😉

“If you could literally meet one of your characters in The Sacrifice, who would you pick?” by Savannah

Uh. . . wow!  That’s hard!  Probably Penny or Henry. 🙂

“Which character would do the best if they were suddenly put into the modern world?” by Savannah

How’d you think of such hard questions, Savannah?  I want to say Sir Richard, as he’s been in a lot of weird situations and he’s good at thinking on his feet.  But he has put a lot of confidence on the Sword of Ereth, and that might cause trouble in a modern world.

“Who’s your favorite person out of the whole royal family?” by Jaidyn

Um. . . I don’t know!  I like them all.  Probably Penelope or Henry, but that might just be because they’re main characters.  King Cedric was pretty fun to work with though!

“If you went into your story and wanted a tour of the palace, who do you think would be the best tour guide?” by Jaidyn

Hmm. . . Probably Henry?

“Who did you most enjoy writing?” by Ariel

Penelope and Abadalyx. 🙂  But like I said earlier, the King was pretty fun too!

“Who do you like better out of Cyrus and Snowflake?” by Ariel

Wow, I really had to think about this one!  Probably Cyrus.  Yes, I’m playing favorites.  Please don’t be offended, Horse-people, dogs are my favorite animal.  I do really like how Snowflake turned out though.

“If you could actually BE any of the characters in your story, who would you choose to be, and why??” by Skylar

Penelope, because 1) she’s a girl 🙂 and 2) she’s a princess!  How fun would that be?  There is the whole dragon-issue, but at least there’s a happy ending, right?

“If you could be best friends with any of the characters, who would you choose???” by Skylar

Cyrus?  Or does it have to be a person?  Out of the people, Penelope.

“Which one of the characters could you most see having a spin-off story?” by Skylar

Oh my word, you guys want all the spoilers!  Okay, I’m feeling nice: Sir Richard.  I’m thinking about writing a story about all his adventures with his sword in other kingdoms, before The Sacrifice takes place.

“Which of the characters was easiest to name??” by Skylar

Penelope, Henry, and Gimel’s names came pretty fast.  And as soon as Spencer suggested the name Abadalyx the Insatiably Greedy, I knew it was perfect.  All the horses were easy to name too.

“Which of the characters was hardest to name??” by Skylar

Cyrus was hard to name, and I almost went with some of the names Spencer suggested for him, but in the end went with Cyrus because it was a Biblical name like Jael.  The King and Queen were also hard to name–so hard I needed two whole blog posts asking for help before I got them both named!


And I think that’s it.  Thank you to everyone who asked questions–you had some good ones!  I hope you had as much reading this as I had writing it!

Happy Friday!