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Lauritzen Gardens

I know these have been a long time in coming. . . better late than never, right? ¬†Anyway, I’m very happy with how they turned out!

If you don’t like hundreds of pictures of flowers, feel free to skip this post. ūüėČ ¬†And, believe it or not, this is the narrowed-down version.


I got a lot of good pictures of Little Brother. ¬†I guess he’s just picturesque.




I am so excited about this picture!  My pictures of bugs never turn out this clear!

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“P” is for “Princess”

Little sister has been working on learning the English alphabet this school year, and she is doing wonderful! ¬†Our whole kitchen is now surrounded by letters, taped to the walls. ¬†We have a set of letters we’re using, but we’ve made our own with a few of them, and when we got to P is for pig, we decided P is for princess would be more meaningful.

Mom and I found this cutie while searching for princesses, and she was so pretty I decided to post her:


But there was one problem with using her for our alphabet: she’s blond. ¬†And blue-eyed.

I have nothing wrong with blond hair and blue eyes (and a good thing, huh? ūüôā ), but Mama wasn’t sure it was a good idea for our¬†purpose, as it makes Lucy a little sad when princesses look like me, not her.

So we e-mailed it to Spencer (our tech-support), and (because Spencer’s magic) he turned it into this:


Isn’t she beautiful? ¬†I love her new coffee-colored hair, her brown eyes, and that peppermint-candy washi tape!

Our house has gained many more princess in the year and six¬†months (ish) that Lu has been home, and I now I can’t imagine how I ever got on without them! ūüôā

Happy Saturday!

Bright Red Rose

I got my braces on this afternoon! ¬†So far, they haven’t been as bad as the palate widener, and–from what I’ve heard–I don’t think they’re ever going to be, and the worst is over.

Still, they’re weird, and it was nice to have something cheery to come home to:


Lucy bought me a flower.


With her own money. ¬†All her idea. ¬†And she kept her secret so well–I had no notion of what was going on!


Isn’t it just the sweetest ever? ¬†I’ve never seen such a pretty flower.

She asked how long it would last. ¬†Dad said three days. ¬†I say it lasts forever. ¬†‘Cause I’ll never forget it. ¬†It’s going in a story someday–probably quite a few! ¬†Everything that a writer remembers lasts forever.


Sparkly tissue paper and everything.  Oh, sparkles are the best!


It smells about about like heaven.

I think I have a new favorite flower.

What sort of things do you love just because of the memories they’re tied to?


The very sweetest of little sisters turned 10¬†yesterday (double digits!¬†*gasp*), and a very awesome little brother turned 4 on the 31st. ¬†(Yes, we have back-to-back birthdays–not to mention Mom’s is tomorrow!)

I am SO blessed to have those two as my siblings! ¬†Four years ago Michael stole my monopoly on being the youngest child, and he’s quite welcome to it!


I love being a big sister!

China Trip Day 9






Painting Chinese characters–with¬†water. ¬†They’ll evaporate in a matter of hours, but he still does it.












This lady was a waitress at our hotel’s breakfast buffet and was incredibly sweet! ¬†She helped us figure out what to feed our girl, told us what Chinese kids often eat, and brought our breakfast up to our room our first morning with Lucy!


An in-country plane-ride to Guangzhou!  Our sparrow had never flown before, and she was giddy with excitement!  That girl is so brave!

IMG_DadsPhone (81)


I actually thought the food on the in-country flight was better than the American food! ūüôā


Distinct.  Something lost in translation, maybe?

P.S. They celebrate Christmas in China–big time.




A poem by Mama and Lucy

Beautiful Lucy with eyes of brown,

she never ever has a frown.

Beautiful Hanna with eyes of blue,

she always has a smile for you.

Beautiful Becca with eyes of blue,

she’s always learning something new.

Mr. Michael busy, busy,

round and round, he’s rarely dizzy!

Handsome Spencer, such a buddy,

he’s always ready to go and study.

Our new little birdie, who are you?

We just can’t wait to get a clue!


??? {Mystery Quote #19} ???

So, remember the praying mantis I mentioned in my last post?

Well, we found him on our porch again this morning, in a spider web! ¬†Mama fished him out with a stick and we put him in a jar. ¬†Michael has been carrying him around all day–he even took him to grandma’s house!


We put some bugs in there, but I don’t think he’s eaten any of them yet. ¬†Last I heard M had christened¬†him “Cricket”, but that may have changed. #ThreeYearOld

Anyway, “Mystery Quote”! ¬†Isn’t fun to be back at it again?! ¬†I’ll start it off with a quote from a book that Mom has been reading to the littles lately:

The Wise Old Woman looked at [her]. ¬†[She] was big, [she] was fat, and just then [she] was crying. ¬†She didn’t want to be given to gypsies; she didn’t want to be cooked for dinner. ¬†But even less did she want to work. ¬†Not [her]!

Sorry about all the [she]’s. ¬†They’re all the same person. ūüôā

Happy guessing!

P.S. I tasted the apple sauce last night, and it is to die for! ¬†Both the little tykes love it too. ¬†I don’t think it’s going to last long!