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“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #6

So, I had a bit of an adventure last night.  Rather different from the big one I just went on, but an adventure nonetheless: helping Dad unclog the bathroom drain!  Plumbing being something quite out of my experience, I was rather scared at the prospect.  And, of course, Spencer was off swimming with some friends–and probably having the time of his life–so I had to do it. 🙂  Cue Dad’s comment about how Becca and I are now ‘learning what it means to have a brother’.  Really, I think that should have been directed solely at me, as Becca just sat on the bed in the other room on her computer, using college as an excuse. 🙂  I must say that Dad did most of the work.  And, that kind of thing is somehow less gross when you’re doing it, not just standing around watching your dad and brother do it.  (I know, I know, that doesn’t follow.)  But only a little less–to say I felt like I needed to wash my hands afterwards is an understatement; I felt more like pulling them off and throwing them away.  Suddenly wishing I was a Lego mini figure and could grab easy replacements out of  the toy-box! 🙂  Even after I washed them they still felt dirty–and probably would have for hours had I not already been planning to shower.  Oh! and I bumped my head while climbing around under the sink.  Pathetically classic.

Okay: enough about my adventure, let’s get to Hannah and Spenser’s!

Hey! one more thing: for those of you who were disappointed because you were expecting a more classic, medieval dragon-story–don’t worry: the next one is a good ole’ unoriginal, knight-in-shining-armor, princess-story.  

And, in the original version part of this was in Chapter 4.  I decided that the chapter ended better the other way, so I cut it off on here.  And like always, here’s the last one.  Now:


Hannah and Spenser pick up as much of the treasure as they can carry and start up the tunnel.  It’s very difficult to carry twenty pounds of hold and diamonds over two miles, especially when all you have to carry it in is a bunch of old chests that are so rotten that when you pick them up the bottoms break because of the weight.  It takes Spenser and Hannah three hours to move all the treasure back to the helicopter.

The two of them have a lot to tell Kirsten and Bekah on the way home!  The day after they get home, Reporter Mike Joseph comes to to Spenser’s house.  Hannah and Spenser get to tell their story on the news!  After that Spenser calls Jason Daniels, who is the director of a museum in Omaha.  Mr. Daniels says that he will buys the Rothfuss’ gold and diamonds and display it in his museum.

After that Spenser makes Hannah his official navigator, and The Darting Dragon becomes their official transportation.

Spenser, Hannah. Kirsten, and Bekah have many, many adventures together and become very good friends.

And someday, perhaps, I’ll write another book about this quartet! 🙂



Which I never did! 🙂  And, yes, the smiley-face is original. *sigh*

So: what did you think of the first story I posted?  Who was your favorite character? (I know characters were limited, so if you don’t have one that’s fine! 🙂 ) What was your favorite part?  Any other comments, thoughts, concerns?  I want your opinion!  I won’t be offended if there’s something you think I should have done different!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. And don’t give up on me.  I have another surprise for next Tuesday! 🙂

“Into the Dragon’s Lair” Behind the Scenes

And just to dash all your hopes quickly, no, this is not a story-post.  I decided I was going to do a post like this with all my stories right before the last chapter.  I’m just going to take the time to tell you where I got my inspiration, where the picture came from, and other random things now.

* I hadn’t thought of doing this when I started posting, so I already told you where my inspiration came from.  It was Spencer, me, Mom, Becca, and Michael that were on the geocaching trip; and Spencer made up titles  for all of us that I used in my story–except I think M was the luggage or the passenger or something (because he was in the stroller that Mom was ‘pilotting’) and I just couldn’t go with that; so I gave him a different job (spoiler alert: you’ll see him and Dad in the last chapter).  Oh! and Spencer actually left me alone and walked off out-of-sight in the trees looking for the geocache for a little while.  Being left alone in the Bolivian jungle would be WAY worse though, the only thing that made it nerve-racking was pessimistic me.  And I made the spider up off the top of my head–I don’t think there’s any such thing.

* The picture is actually of a tree in China, not Bolivia; and it’s not in the jungle, it’s in a park–but I thought it would suffice.  With a selection like this, it was hard to choose:






* Like I said, all the characters are named after one of my family members, only spelled different.  I also mentioned that in the original manuscript I spelled the explorer’s name S-P-E-N-C-E-R like my brother, but here I spelled it S-P-E-N-S-E-R.  I also spelled the female dragon’s name F-O-G-G-Y-N-E-S-S in the first copy, but I changed it to the regular F-O-G-G-I-N-E-S-S for my blog.  I don’t know why I spelled it weird in the first one.  Maybe I didn’t know how to spell it right… I don’t remember.  This way feels more natural (because it is) and my computer doesn’t give it that annoying red underline.

* I think I wrote this book in one day, or maybe two or three–not many! 🙂 I made almost everybody I lent it to read it one chapter at a time, because I love dropping people on cliff-hangers!


I hope you guys are enjoying my story!  I can’t wait to post the last chapter!  See you guys, and happy Saturday! 🙂

“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #5

Tuesday again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I contemplated posting something else first, for cruelties sake alone, but I couldn’t bring myself!  Why in the world am in so much suspense when I WROTE the story?!

Like always, here’s the last post.  I’m doing this so if people find only one of my posts somehow, they can link back.  Problem is I have NO way to make sure they can find the posts that come after.  Ceste la vie [“this is life” for those of you who don’t speak French], I did what I could.

Okay, this (spoiler alert) is the climax.  You can’t imagine how fun it was to end on such a cliff-hanger last time!  (I know, I know: I’m downright cruel.  I have now lost all reputation of being a nice person, haven’t I?)

Oh!  And I feel inclined to mention that my reader Savannah absolutely nailed it in the comments on this post with her suggestion of another dragon–even though it goes against a quote from a certain book series a little birdie told me she’s read:

That is why you will seldom find more than one dragon in the same country. (94)

The Chronicles of NarniaThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis

I couldn’t it earlier because it would have given away too much.

Now, as I’m sure the rest of you are all saying, “Okay, good job, Savannah–now let’s get on with it”; I’ll get on with it.  Happy reading!



As Fogginess creeps up the tunnel, she becomes more and more puzzled.  She hasn’t see her husband since yesterday morning (she doesn’t know he’s dead), and as she climbs up the tunnel she hears the clinking of coins, the creak of old hinges, and voices sounding very loud and excited up there in the dark.  Human voices?  Impossible!  Not in the lair of a dragon like Grizzled.

But there are voices up there in the dark.  Finally Fogginess peeks out into the Big Cavern–and there are two of those annoying little human-creatures sitting in the biggest cave of the whole lair, fingering her husbands treasure and talking excitedly.  Fogginess can hold her anger in no longer.  She gives a howl of rage and leaps into the Big Cavern, giving a terrible roar.  There’s fire in her eyes and smoke in her mouth.

In a moment Spenser has his pistol drawn, but it’s no use: the bullet bounces off the dragon’s scales.  Sparks pour from Fogginess’ mouth as she leaps forward.  Not caring which one of the humans dies first, she leaps for Spenser.  He, in a last effort to protect himself and Hannah, draws his knife and stabs the dragon in the throat.  The two of them are saved by luck!*  The throat is Fogginess’ one weak point and the blade pushes through a crack where the Head Scales and the Neck Scales meet.  With a howl of pain and anger Fogginess flops back, lifeless, on the floor of the cave.


“I th-thought Grizzled was dead,” says Hannah, when she gets her breath back.  “It can’t be Grizzled, because we saw him.  He’s dead,” says Spenser.  “Then is this his mate or his child, sir?” wonders Hannah.  “I don’t know.  And we don’t know if there are any more, so do we take the treasure and get out of here, or do we try to find and kill the rest of them (if there are any)?” asks Spenser.  “I think we should go, sir,” replies Hannah.  “Yes, I think we should too, Navigator.  It’s obvious our guns aren’t any good!”


P.S. Sorry I forgot to include the chapter name in my last post.  I just added it.  Next post is the last one!!!


*Totally borrowed that quote from The Hobbit.  *sigh*  I was such a copy-cat when I was little–still am! 🙂

“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #4


Here’s the last post I did, in case anyone missed it or wants to re-read anything.

I picked this story to put on my blog because it was already broken down into smaller parts and because some of those smaller parts ended on really good cliff-hangers.  You’ll see why I brought this up in this post in a minute! 🙂



“Well, I s’pose we had better go in,” says Spenser, pulling his flash-light out of his back-pack.  “I don’t really like the idea of going in there,” says Hannah.  “I mean, I know there’s nothing to be afraid of; the dragon is dead.”

They both turn on their flashlights and start down.  It’s very slippery, and the two of them have trouble finding hand-holds in the mossy rocks.  The slanted floor is slippery, and so are the walls–even the ceiling is slippery!

Finally they come to a large circular cavern.  In the middle are about five chests with the lids thrown back.  The chests are filled with gold and diamonds!  “My great, great (however many greats!) grandfather’s treasure!” exclaims Spenser.  “We did it! We did it!  We found it!” cries Hannah.


 Now Grizzled (as you already know) is dead.  But he lived longer than Spenser thought he would.  In fact, he only died yesterday, and his mate, Fogginess, is still alive.

Fogginess lives in the very cave where Spenser and Hannah are now!  She has a small tunnel, with a room at the end, in which she used to hide when her husband came home in a bad temper.

But she also sleeps there, and now she has just been awakened by a lot of noise at the top of the tunnel.  Fogginess is annoyed (and dragons are very dangerous when they are annoyed), and she starts creeping up the tunnel to see what’s going on.

“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #3

In some ways I’m like “It’s already Tuesday again?” and in other ways I’m like “Tuesday?  Finally–it’s been weeks!”

I honestly meant to post earlier today, but there were several things I needed to get done, so I decided I was not going to post until I got those done.  It was a good motivator! 🙂

I think I’m looking forward to Tuesdays now as much as I do in the summer when we go swimming at “Two Rivers” state park with our home-school group on “Two Rivers Tuesdays”! 🙂

(Click here to read chapter one.)

Okay, here goes:



Hannah and Spenser walk down the path for about a mile, then they come to a fork.  “Which way, Navigator?” asks Spenser.  “Left,” says Hannah, looking down at her G.P.S.  “You stay here, I’ll see what’s up ahead,” replies Spenser.  Left alone Hannah begins to wonder what creatures could might be watching her!  A stick cracks and Hannah jumps! but it’s only a rabbit.  Hannah steps aside as a daddy-long-legs, the size of a penny without the legs, scuttles past.

“Navigator!  Come look at this!” calls Spenser.  Hannah runs after him and sees a shiny object lying on the path.  “What is it, sir?” she asks.  Spenser stoops and picks it up.  It is a golden necklace!

“I think this is some of my great, great, great, great grandfather’s treasure!” says Spenser.  “Then we’re on the right track, sir!” says Hannah.

The two of them continue.  Finally they come to the dragon: lying cold and lifeless across their path.  “Are you sure it’s dead, sir?” asks Hannah, with a shudder.  “I think so,” replies Spenser, “but you stay here; I’ll go make sure.”  He cautiously taps the dragon with his walking-stick.  Then a little harder.  “It’s safe!” he calls back.

After passing the dragon, the path is scattered with bones.  Some of the dry weeds in the under-brush are charred and black.  “Are we still on the right track, Navigator?” asks Spenser.  “Yes, sir!” replies Hannah.  “And we’re getting close, sir!”

As they go further the birds and insects become fewer and fewer.  The jungle grows quiet.  Hannah stoops to pick up a shiny object on the path.  “I found a diamond, sir!” she calls.  Spenser comes running back.  “We must be getting close now!” he cries.  Hannah lays her hand on the handle of her knife.  “There’s no danger, Navigator, we saw the dragon and it’s dead.” says Spenser–but he looks nervous too!

After about another mile they come to the mouth of a large cavern.  It’s about five feet wide and opens on to a rocky tunnel.  It’s surrounded by gravel, bones, and ashes.

“The dragon’s lair!” breathes Spenser.

“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #2

I’m not sure if it was motivating or just plain distracting this morning, knowing that I could post this when I was done with school! 🙂

And now, of course, since I decided to mess around with a prologue, chapter one is in my second post.  *sigh*  Leave it to me to make things confusing! 🙂

And in case any of you missed it, here’s the prologue!


CHAPTER 1 ~ Travels:

The year is 2012, and Explorer Spenser Rothfuss and Navigator Hannah Marie are going on an adventure in Bolivia.  Spenser had not been able to find a plane going to Bolivia they could afford; and they might not have gone at all, but Hannah had said her aunt (Pilot Kirsten Marie) owned a helicopter, and she might take them.

You have probably guessed why Spenser and Hannah are going to Bolivia.  Yes, it is to find the Rothfuss’ stolen gold and diamonds.  It has been many years since the treasure was stolen, and Grizzled is dead.

Pilot Kirsten Marie, Co-pilot Bekah Lynn, Explorer Spenser, and Navigator Hannah leave for Bolivia June 25th, 2012.  Flying from Texas to Bolivia takes a long, long time.  Hannah spends most of her time playing rock-paper-scissors and having thumb-wars with Spenser.  Kirsten’s helicopter, “The Darting Dragon”, is a cargo helicopter, so they have to keep stopping to drop things off.  Finally they reach a certain clearing in the Bolivian jungle: Hannah and Spenser start down a small trail into the trees.

The adventures begun!


I realize now I’m going to have to proof-read these pretty carefully, since (as most of you have probably noticed) the characters are named after my family members, but spelled different.  My muscle-memory makes me want to type them the way the real people spell their names, I’m this is going be more work to re-type than I anticipated! 🙂

I’m making a few changes as I go along, but they’re mostly punctuation.  In the original copy, though, I spelled Spenser with a “C” because I couldn’t think of any other way to spell it!  I was inspired to spell it that way when I typed it wrong by mistake once, and thought I’d spell it that way here!

Come back next Tuesday! 🙂

“Into The Dragon’s Lair” #1

So: this is the exciting thing I promised you all yesterday! 🙂  I’m going to be posting a story I wrote a while ago on here, chapter by chapter.  Below is the prologue.  I will try consistently post every Tuesday (I think they’ll be 6 parts), but if I miss a day I’ll fudge and post it late (or early, if I see it coming).  I thought you guys would appreciate that more than my skipping a week for the sake of regularity. 🙂

This story takes place in 2012, which was current when I wrote it!  I think my writing style has improved: at least it’s more emotional; this seems a little dry when I read it now! 🙂 (which I did last night–yes the whole thing… at one time.  I’m afraid you guys will have to be more patient.)  They’re also longer now–don’t worry though, the story parts are longer than the prologue! 🙂

This book is dedicated to Spencer, who gave me the inspiration for this story while he and I were having an adventure in the woods.  We were actually geocaching and I happened to be holding the G.P.S. so he called me his “navigator”–which you’ll see later in the story.  Which I guess would make me the tech-savvy one–which is a great joke, as I’m helpless around computers without Spencer or Dad.

Thank you, Spencer; for inspiring a great (if a little dry) story and for all the tech-support you give us girls while Dad is at work.  You’re awesome!

Special thanks also to my readers Savannah, Ariel, Skylar, and Jaidyn.  I came up with this idea on my own, but their stories motivated me and gave me inspiration.  Thanks, girls!

Now without further ado and probably-boring-for-the-rest-of-you acknowledgements, here’s the story:




The year was 1866 when grandfather Rothfuss found a gold and diamond mine only a mile from his home.  But in 1867 a very large and terrible dragon called Grizzled stole all the gold and diamonds, and flew away with it to a place in South America called Bolivia.  Traveling was very hard back then, and Bolivia was very, very far away, so the Rothfusses thought they would never see their treasure again, and Grizzled would lose it in the jungle, and it would never be seen or admired again.  Were they right?