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The best big brother ever is turning seventeen today!

I love you, Spencer!  Thank you so much for everything you help me (and all of your family) with, not least of which is keeping this blog up and running.  You’re awesome!

Happy birthday!

The most wonderful of mothers had a birthday yesterday!

I never have time to post on birthdays, because we’re so busy! *sigh*  Ah well, here we are now:

Happy birthday, Mama!  You’re the best!  Thank you for being the very sweetest mama ever, and always supporting all my crazy ideas!  I love you!


The very sweetest of little sisters turned 10 yesterday (double digits! *gasp*), and a very awesome little brother turned 4 on the 31st.  (Yes, we have back-to-back birthdays–not to mention Mom’s is tomorrow!)

I am SO blessed to have those two as my siblings!  Four years ago Michael stole my monopoly on being the youngest child, and he’s quite welcome to it!


I love being a big sister!

June 4th.

Happy birthday, Daddy!

You’re a great, great Dad!!!  I’m so blessed to be in a family with you.
Love you,
I’m skipping the book review today, because when the best father in the world happens to be yours and is having a birthday, you go out of your way.  I’ll pick up next week.
And I am going to post zoo pictures. . . sometime. 🙂
Happy Thursday!


My Easter escapade is going to be slightly interrupted because I have something very important to post about:


My big brother is turning 16 today.

(Do you feel like the ^above sentence^ needed an exclamation mark?  Me too, but S told me they’re over-used.)

Spencer has always been really fun to play with.  He has always been aware of my feelings and preferences, and has always tried to do things I like.  He has always had a great sense of humor (I think that came from Dad #Randomness), and he always makes me laugh.

I kind-of modeled one of the characters in The Sacrifice after him… which I think was inspired by me realizing that Bryce from Counted Worthy reminded me of him.  Except Spencer isn’t over-protective–he always protects me while we’re on them, but he’s always taking me on adventures! 🙂

Happy birthday, Spencer!

Mama’s birthday, more about my writing, and an apology

Today is Mama’s birthday!  Three years ago we brought M home from the hospital on her birthday… the only way to top the year before when we had nearly a hundred people over for an open house!  So glad Lucy is here this year!

Mama is very patient, and has sacrificed a lot because of her decisions on how to parent us.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother!


I’m facing writer’s block with “Searching For His Name” again, and I was wondering if you guys would help me?  The main character is traveling through a tunnel under a mountain, and I need some way for there to be light, so he can see this creature he runs into.  Any creative ideas about how he could get light down there?


I also think I should apologize that I haven’t been reading and approving comments: Spencer just taught me how to do that yesterday, so I’m hoping to do better… obviously, as I just asked you guys to give me ideas! 🙂

I read through four pages of comments last night.  I found a lot of spam, but I also found some very encouraging things that all of you took the time to type!


Today is Lucy’s ninth birthday!  I wonder what I was doing nine years ago…

I had no idea!  And if you would have told the Rothfuss’ youngest child “your little sister was born today” in 2006 I would have thought you weird.

I realized recently that I didn’t tell you guys much about Lucy.  I was kinda’ distracted!  Here’s several things we’re noticed about her personality (if you read our family-blog you’ll already know most of this):

* She loves to sing.  And she can actually carry a tune.  Unlike one of her older sisters!  Lucy and I have lots of fun singing together… until she gets upset when I stop singing because my voice gave out.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been coughing since we got home!

* She loves to dress up!

* She doesn’t like all sweet things, but she likes chocolate! 😉  I was afraid she wouldn’t ’cause they’re not big on chocolate in China and I didn’t want to be “that family” but she likes it after all.

* She likes yogurt and fruit–just like they said in the first update!  We’re having Jell-o cake with Tsa Mei [strawberries].

* She tosses and turns when she sleeps–just like me!

* Speaking of sleeping, we share a bed and she does all the things Becca says I did to her: she climbs over my feet to get to her side of the bed, rolls on top of me, and she’s kind-of a cover-hog!  I don’t usually mind that sort of thing, but I don’t abide cover-taking! 🙂

* She’s very crafty and loves cutting, gluing, and folding!

Lucy was very excited about her birthday.  She was all impatient last night, and it reminded me of the night before one of my birthdays that I prayed I wouldn’t have dreams because it made the night seem longer! 🙂

Happy birthday Lucy!  I treasure your personality!