Cat’s Forest Parent’s Guide

First of all, bless you for reading this!

I’m sure taking the effort to protect your young readers isn’t always easy, but some day they’ll thank you for it.

In Catania’s Forest there are some slightly more difficult topics than I usually discuss in my writing, so I wanted to warn parents and post an overview of the content.

The main character in Cat’s Forest is a hunter, but the story describes her shooting a person for the first time.  She is trying to defend someone else, but I do discuss her struggling with what she was asked to do, and the general ugliness of fighting.  There are also some details about her hunting, that are slightly more graphic.  This story also takes place in a dystopian setting, where slavery is viewed as acceptable by most, so there are some rough elements regarding that.  I have tried to avoid being gruesome, but some references might be disturbing for younger kids.

This story is a retelling of the Little Drummer-boy, and it does reference the virgin birth, but only briefly, and I have endeavored to keep it non-graphic and unoffensive.

I will link to Catania’s Forest on my Stories page when I’m done posting it, so younger readers should be able to find and read it later, if you’d like to preview it first.

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