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Little Brother

I spent some time in the basement today, playing with Michael while Mom and Dad went for a drive with Lucy… and after they got home as well, ’cause we were both having fun. ūüôā

We have an old pew down there–you know, ¬†like the ones they have in churches–cute, old-fashioned churches; not like ours, much as I like our church.

Michael made a little bed for himself on it and told me to turn off the lights. ¬†He then got up and pretended to yawn. ¬†He got in and out like a million times and his bed fall apart more then once and I had to “build” it again.

Michael: (trying to get his pillow arranged right) Let’s build my bed!

Me: It’s already built.

Michael: (promptly throwing the pillow on the floor) no, it’s not!

Me: Okay… let’s build it.

I’ll let you get away with it!

After that we got¬†under the pew, and then he got back in “bed” and I stuck my hand up behind it–for which I think I get some credit, as it was almost pushed against the wall!

Of course he wanted me to put both hands up there, which I couldn’t for lack of space to move around… and then he came down there too, and I smashed against the wall to make room for him, wondering how many cobwebs I had in my hair.

Sometimes it’s good to just play with lil’ brother and do what he wants, even if it offends my dignity or my idea of “grown-up and sensible.”

I want to be a good big sister.  A fun one.

Not the best.  Not perfect.  Not the pious one that is flawless in every way, and is never in trouble, and makes the littles green with envy.

I don’t want to be the smart one… or the busy one… or the one that’s always right.

I just want to be fun.

I have this idea that M and I are going to play pirates or something someday, and Michael is going to have me be the bad-guy because everyone wants to be good…

…and I’m okay with that.

2014 in Review

Yes, Lucy’s birthday is the day after Michael’s… not to mention that Mama’s is tomorrow! ūüôā ¬†As you can imagine that kinda’ takes over New Years.

But my siblings are better than New Years anyway.

Sorry.  Not sorry actually.

But we have a tradition of making a list on New Years Day of things we did as a family in the last year, so I thought I’d post it. ¬†It’s long!

* Over night visit from friends

* Kept participating in our local Homeschool group

* Becca kept teaching E.S.L. at the S.S.C.A.

* We were part of the Refugee Outreach with Waypoint Church in July

* Becca did college classes at Eternity Bible College

* Spencer did Scorpion basketball (also with our homeschool group)

* I continued going to a local Bright Lights group

* Becca continues leading her own B.L. group

* Spencer participated in National History Day for the third time

* Daddy started working at Labpoint

* We volunteered at the Hope Center for Kids

* Becca and Hanna did “coffee duty” at church, and Spencer and Dad helped with media

* Hanna, Spencer, and Dad acted in the Nebraska Home Educators Association Kid’s Conference drama and Becca and Spencer taught

* Dad, Spencer, and Hanna went to a Harlem Globe Trotters game

* Cystic Fibrosis Walk

* Heart Walk

* Hanna and Spencer did a workshop at the Rose Theater

* Hanna and Spencer took piano lessons and Spencer was in his last recital

* Rothfuss Reunion in Superior

* World Refugee Day

* Becca took the C.E.L.T.A. in Denver

* Went to Shakespeare on the Green: “The Tempest”

* Mom’s sister had brain surgery

* Jazz on the Green

* New swing set!!!

* Spencer teaches tae kwon do for Kicking Tigers

* Becca volunteers to teach E.S.L. for Embrace the Nations

* Spencer did a back pack drive for the Hope

* I hosted “Little Lights” and a Fairy Garden Tea Party

* Went to Two Rivers State Park on Tuesdays with our HS group

* Day of Family Camp at Rivercrest

* Visited friends in Colorado and attended a wedding

* Noonday Trunk Show

* Becca went to World Mandate in Texas

* Spencer starts College Plus and Debate, and takes the P.S.A.T.

* Hosted our Autumn Harvest Soup Supper

* Kept in touch with Michael’s birth-family

* I worked on writing “Love Can Bridge Oceans” and “Looking Back”

* CHINA over Thanksgiving and Lucy home December 4!!!!!

* Hanna starts blog ( ūüôā )… and gets a camera

*Spencer read “Great Expectations,” ¬†“Prophet,” “Counted Worthy,” and “Democracy in America”

* Hanna also read “Prophet” and “Counted Worthy,” as well as “Gulliver’s Travels” and “Pilgrim’s Progress”

* Watched “Amazing Grace” and had a Hobbit plunge

* Mama turns 43, Dad also, Becca turns 18 (and graduates!), Spencer turns 15, Hanna turns 14, Lucy turned 8, and Michael turns 3

* Did a series on “Live 10” at Waypoint church

* Mom and Dad to Rend Collective Concert

* Becca read “Bonhoeffer”

* Gained a third car–Honda CRV

* Dad made several tables out of bowling alley lanes

* Great-grandma passes away

* Waypoint moves to new offices


Today is Lucy’s ninth birthday! ¬†I wonder what I was doing nine years ago…

I had no idea! ¬†And if you would have told the Rothfuss’ youngest child “your little sister was born today” in 2006 I would have thought you weird.

I realized recently that I didn’t tell you guys much about Lucy. ¬†I was kinda’ distracted! ¬†Here’s several things we’re noticed about her personality (if you read our family-blog you’ll already know most of this):

* She loves to sing. ¬†And she can actually carry a tune. ¬†Unlike one of her older sisters! ¬†Lucy and I have lots of fun singing together… until she gets upset when I stop singing because my voice gave out. ¬†It doesn’t help that I’ve been coughing since we got home!

* She loves to dress up!

* She doesn’t like all sweet things, but she likes chocolate! ūüėČ ¬†I was afraid she wouldn’t ’cause they’re not big on chocolate in China and I didn’t want to be “that family” but she likes it after all.

* She likes yogurt and fruit–just like they said in the first update! ¬†We’re having Jell-o cake with Tsa Mei [strawberries].

* She tosses and turns when she sleeps–just like me!

* Speaking of sleeping, we share a bed and she does all the things Becca says I did to her: she climbs over my feet to get to her side of the bed, rolls on top of me, and she’s kind-of a cover-hog! ¬†I don’t usually mind that sort of thing, but I don’t abide cover-taking! ūüôā

* She’s very crafty and loves cutting, gluing, and folding!

Lucy was very excited about her birthday. ¬†She was all impatient last night, and it reminded me of the night before one of my birthdays that I prayed I wouldn’t have dreams because it made the night seem longer! ūüôā

Happy birthday Lucy!  I treasure your personality!


She slipped quietly out of bed and tip-toed through the dark to the bathroom. ¬†Taped to the mirror was a note. ¬†These weren’t uncommon at her house and she leaned over the counter to read it:

“Good morning! ¬†Call Dad’s phone. ¬†Heart~ Mama”

It has been three years and she still remembers. ¬†She went back to her room and told her sister. ¬†“They weren’t expecting us to call at 5:00 am.”

I wonder what I was doing right now–at 2:00 pm–three years ago. ¬†I don’t know, but I remember I was very emotional that day. ¬†I was probably at the hospital. ¬†I’m sure I had seen him by now.

But it seemed like hours before they’d let us see him. ¬†He’s my brother anyway!

I remember the first time I held him. ¬†Becca and Spencer got to hold him first. ¬†Trying. ¬†Stressful. ¬†I did get to hold him though–that day, that hour. ¬†Which was a blessing. ¬†We took him home from the hospital. ¬†And now I forget that you can get a baby any other way.

But I forget that he came that way. ¬†It’s strange. ¬†It’s wonderful.

Most wonderful things are strange.


Michael’s officially 3. ¬†I can’t believe it’s been three years. ¬†But it feels like forever. ¬†I remember things that happened before he came along and I catch myself picturing Mom holding a baby. ¬†And while we were in China I kept feeling like somebody oughta’ be pushing a stroller.

Force of habit.

I love you, Micheal Joe!

Christmas Preparations

It’s not looking hopeful for those who like white Christmasses ’round here: it’s been wet and rainy, and not just bitterly cold.

Becca, Spencer, and I went to Panera a few days ago to pick up dinner. ¬†And I (always the unprepared one) walked to the car between my two older siblings in their parkas wondering if I was going to be warm enough in my new grey fleece (thanks grandpa and grandma!)… and if drenched tennis shoes are the end of the world as I trudged through the mushy grass.

I was also afraid that we were going to get in a wreck because the windshield was all fogged over.  Trust me to expect the worst!

I’m also not prepared for tomorrow. ¬†I have presents for… three people and zero presents wrapped? ¬†Something like that. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m excited though and we’re going to make some prep-time tonight after the littles go to bed.

P.S.¬†Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve???

14th Christmas

I can’t believe I didn’t post earlier! ¬†I really meant to.

Last Friday was my 14th birthday. ¬†I can’t believe I’ve been in my teens for a whole year! ¬†We usually have our grandparents over on birthdays, but because of “cocooning” with Lucy we just celebrated quietly the seven of us.

We took Lucy to a Christmas-party yesterday–for less than half an hour. ¬†You can go to our family blog to read about what she’s been up to.

And I got a camera at aforementioned Christmas-party!!! ¬†I am SO excited! ¬†I haven’t gotten it out and figured out how to use it (aka given to my dad or brother and asked them what to do with it) but I’m really excited to! ¬†Maybe I’ll start posting pictures now! ūüôā


We cheated this year and got our Christmas tree at Lowe’s, but at least it’s real! ¬†We went real simple this time and just did lights, tinsel (because Lucy likes it), and red Chinese tassels. ¬†It’s lovely.

It’s been fairly warm here (hence the bike #FamilyBlog) which has been nice.

Merry Christmas!

Home, Sweet Home!

I thought I should just check in and tell you that we all made it home in one piece… well, four pieces actually, all of us.

Only there’s SEVEN (7) of us now! ¬†Five kids… that’s kind-of a big family. ¬†I mean someone called our family big once when we only had 3 kids; but even I’ll admit that 5 is kinda’ a big number.


China was great, but I was homesick before the first week was even out!


I forgot to bring my Bible to China ūüôĀ so I’m trying to get back into the swing of reading it daily. ¬†I’m currently in Deuteronomy, which I didn’t really have the brain cells to read today (or thought I didn’t) so I just flipped around and landed in Psalms. ¬†I found these two verses which I previously underlined, and I thought I’d share them with you:

Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delgithful inheritance.

-Psalm 16:5,6

I. am. in. CHINA!!

We’ve been in China for a little over twenty-four hours now, and it’s been great! ¬†The jet-lag was pretty bad on the plane. ¬†I was expecting it, but not that bad, and (for some reason) not until we got home;¬†but I perked up when we got to Xi’an… and could go to bed. ¬†I’m never sleepy when I’m supposed to be–like, never!

I had my first conundrum about food at lunch yesterday, when almost everything was SPICY, but we found some mild noodles and some pork that was only…¬†flavorful. ¬†But breakfast is¬†wonderful. ¬†They have Asianie things like noodles and rice and baked yams (for breakfast?), but they also have some more western things like fried eggs, pancakes, bacon, and french-toast. ¬†And they also have different flavors of juice–one of which was¬†grapefruit which I had never seen before.

Our hotel is very nice, and it is a lot like American hotels. ¬†The view out of the window is just short of breathtaking! ¬†There’s a pond out there that the building is kind-of built around so it’s almost like a courtyard. ¬†In some places the water comes right up to the hotel-walls, and in some places there’s a little patio or strip of land in between. ¬†It is SO beautiful! ¬†With the goldfish clustering around in the water, the little trees and patches of green grass, the vines climbing up the yellow walls, the red roofs, the palm-trees, the little wooden porches and long wooden benches, the stepping-stones; with big Chinese buildings and a foggy Chinese sky rising behind it… can you tell I’m in raptures about this little spot? ūüôā

Our guide is also very nice. ¬†She is organized and friendly and cheerful. ¬†She’s the only guide I’ve ever had, so I don’t have anything to compare her to; but I decided I liked her before I’d known her for an hour!

I stick out here like a banana in a smoke-house! ¬†People stare at us a lot. ¬†Sometimes people stare at you in America, but I think it’s worse here…. though I could, of course, just be making that up. ¬†We were standing by the fence around our hotel today, and people on the street outside kept looking at us as they walked by. ¬†“It’s like we’re in a zoo!” mom said! ūüôā ¬†Sometimes I just ignore people that stare at me, sometimes I smile (especially if they’re children), and sometimes I just stare back. ¬†I’m not sure how I should be responding!


(Drum-roll please)

WE’RE MEETING LUCY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The two king-sized beds in our room are pretty close together; and I think it was a long time after we all woke up, but shortly after we turned on the light and all admitted that we were awake (which was a long time before we all got up), mom looked over at me and said, “It’s Lucy-day!” ¬†I just grinned, because it was too early to freak out–but I was freaking out inside! ¬†FREAKIN’ OUT!!!

I can’t believe it! ¬†I’m meeting my sister today! ¬†I’ve wondered about this for a long time. ¬†I wonder what she’ll be like. ¬†What she’ll think of me. ¬†But all my anxiety melts into absolute insignificance when I think about what she might be thinking! ¬†Does she know that she’s meeting her family today? ¬†I hope so. ¬†Is she happy? ¬†I hope so. ¬†Is she excited? ¬†I hope so. ¬†Is she scared? I hope not. ¬†Is she nervous? ¬†Probably. ¬†Is she curious? ¬†How could she not be?! ¬†I pray she is not scared or confused!


There is so much more I could tell you!  This is in a nutshell.

And speaking of nuts, I got to try roasted chess-nuts yesterday for the first time! ¬†They were… interesting. ¬†They reminded me of potatoes, honestly. ¬†It was fun to get to try them, because now I know what they are. ¬†You hear about them a lot in English literature!

So far China has been great! ¬†Becca told me before we left: “I think you’ll like it (paraphrased) if you just think of it as an adventure.”

And that’s what I’m doing. ¬†I just keep telling myself: “It’s an adventure. ¬†Just have fun! ¬† Don’t lose your bag. ¬†DON’T DROP YOUR PASSPORT! ¬†Stay under your umbrella (it’s been COLD and WET here!) but don’t bump into ¬†anything with it (even though our guide already hit someone on the head with hers). ¬†Look both ways. ¬†See as much as you can¬†without losing mom and dad.

“Live it up. ¬†Breathe it in–even the smog.

“It is beautiful.”


“Then let’s look on the bright side: we’re having an adventure…”

-The Princess Bride, by William Goldman, page 295


Are we going to China tomorrow?

I don’t think so. ¬†It isn’t¬†possible, is it?

Come on, people, give me some grace: I haven’t convinced myself yet that we¬†are going to CHINA!

During our first adoption, I never would have guessed that we would ever do an international adoption. ¬†We actually wanted to do a second domestic adoption… but that door was closed–God closed it. ¬†Because he knew Lucy was out there for us.

He knew she needed us… and we needed her.

We weren’t thinking China either, it was just an open door. ¬†It was just the option that seemed like it was the best fit for our family.

Lucy was born in 2006… the year we went to Florida as a family (at the time, which was without M and Lucy ūüôĀ )

I wonder what my little five-year-old self was doing that day when, on the other side of the world, things were happening that would change my life–forever.

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow–probably earlier than I’ve ever left the house before. ¬†This is going to be a adventure! ¬†Will you pray for us?

*for Lucy, that she would not be scared or confused

*for health and safety while we’re in China

*for health and safety for those of us staying home, and that God would give them grace and peace

Thank you for coming on this journey with us! ¬†I don’t know if I’ll be able to post from China, but if not then I’ll see you in two weeks!

Post #1

Greetings all!  I am soo excited to have my own blog!  I have enjoyed reading them for a long time, and have been looking forward to having my own!

My name is Hanna. I am almost 14 years old, and in 8th grade.  I live in the suburbs of Omaha, NE.  I have a Mother, a Father, and four siblings: Becca, 18; Spencer, 15; Michael, almost 3; and we are looking forward to adopting Lucy from China.  You can follow our adoption journey on our family blog here.

I enjoy reading, writing, baking, playing outside, playing with Playmobil and Calico Critters, playing with my siblings, ¬†and going on adventures. ¬†One of the greatest adventures I’ll probably ever take is coming up at the end of this week: going to China to bring Lucy home! ¬†It is my first time out of the country, and I am SO excited!

I go to Waypoint church with my family, and am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I read my Bible daily (or am working towards it at least) and am a part of several Bright Lights groups.

I am hoping that you can find entertainment and encouragement by reading my blog!  Have a great day!