My thoughts on Halloween, and something new

Our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, and has not for years.

We haven’t gone trick-or-treating since the time I discovered my passion for stories and costumes.  While I’ve sometimes felt disappointed about not participating in such a popular holiday (certain aspects of which would be right up my alley), I think my parents are right in deciding to do other things.

I don’t want to offend anyone who does celebrate Halloween, and I  don’t blame you.  Halloween is fun, you get free candy, and some people come up with really neat and truly beautiful costumes.  Halloween can be fun, and it can be done well.

But we don’t celebrate it, as so many people use it as a way to emphasize–and even celebrate–what’s dark and ugly.

Starting about last Halloween, some Halloween decorations started to remind me of villains in The Lord of the Rings, A Christmas Carol, and other stories I love.  I began to wonder how I felt about this, and why I watch The Hobbit but don’t celebrate Halloween.  I began to realize this year that Halloween puts emphasis on villains, and ugliness.  Whereas, these stories I loved rather celebrated the good.  While someone dressing up like a Ringwraith would look a whole lot like the Halloween costumes I don’t appreciate, there’s a difference between having a holiday to celebrate ghosts, and liking a story that contains similar elements, which are portrayed as bad.

So.  All this to say: I want to try something new.

I came to the conclusion recently that costumes are cool, and Halloween can’t have all of them.  So I’m going to pick a day this spring that Little Sister and I are going to wear costumes instead, and I want to invite you to do it with me.  I’m not thinking anything fancy–probably just hanging out at a local park.

Any Omaha people interested?  If you are, would the last week of May, or the first week of June work better for you?  Sometime Saturday, or a weekday afternoon?  I want your opinion!

18 thoughts on “My thoughts on Halloween, and something new”

  1. Dear Hanna, what a good idea, I have such fond memories of costume parties years ago. Our whole family adults and all had great fun getting together for games and food. Let me know how plans develop. Very excited.
    Love Gramma Mary

  2. Different states? I can do that. Although technically I wear costumes about 30 times a year so you could join me in that.


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