More ramblings, starring Reese

Do you remember when I did the Describe Tag, and asked you all to help me name one of my characters?  Well, I’ve officially named her Reese Shattercane.

I actually named her shortly after I did the tag, but forgot to post again.  I recently remembered I promised to follow up with you guys, so. . . here we are.  Her name is Reese.

Sorry I’m late!

I just finally got a feel for the plot of her story, which I’m excited about.  It’s not very high on the “What To Write Next” list, but I still like playing with it, so it’s fun to know where I’m going!


In other news, I bought my first piece of Star Wars fan gear last month: Jyn’s stardust necklace (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

(Apparently the fans have dubbed it Jyn’s “Kyber necklace”, but I have been calling it her “stardust necklace” to myself since I left the theater, and I prefer that. 😉 )

My Lord of the Rings gear is getting excessive (as in, two shirts, a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a Galadriel crown), but this was my first Star Wars piece.


I posted about reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream recently, if you remember.  Well, I read The Tempest today, and it’s giving Julius Caesar (my favorite Shakespeare play) a real run for its money.

“My library was dukedom large enough. . .”

-The Tempest, Dover Thrift edition, page 6

Shakespeare was a master!

Happy Wednesday (because it is one), my amazing readers!

29 thoughts on “More ramblings, starring Reese”

  1. I love it when people do random ramblings posts!!
    This post was really great, and so were your pictures! =D
    Miss y’all!
    Jaidyn Elise

  2. I LOVE ME SOME RAMBLING POSTS. xD So fun seeing what you’re up to, my friend!
    You have a Galadriel crown?!?!?! I SIMPLY MUST SEE THIS. How did I not know that about you?!
    And hey. There is no such thing as too much LOTR gear. TRUST ME ON THIS. xD

      1. It’s only plastic, with Velcro in the back, but it’s still cool. We (read: Spencer) bought it for the dance last fall.

        And you’re right, Ariel, there is NO such thing.

  3. OOH, that necklace is GORGEOUS. Makes me want to go out and buy some Star Wars gear, even if I haven’t seen all the movies! 😉

    And OH GOOD GRACIOUS do I love the name Reese Shattercane! <3 It's so epic and beautiful. Super glad that you chose that!

    (by the way, did you get my latest email + cover for Cat's Forest? Just wanted to see if it had got to you or not 😉 )

    1. I know, I love it! And yes, go get yourself some fan gear. 😉

      Thank you! “Shattercane” is actually the name of a plant. There’s this little book that my Dad brought home (I think from work??) about farming, and I was flipping through it, and came across this little weed called Shattercane. I thought “That’d make a cool last name,” and stuck it on my names list. When I was working on Reese’s name I came across it, and knew it was perfect.

      And yes, I got your e-mail. Thanks for checking! I’ll get back to you on that.

  4. AGREED SAVANNAH. It almost looks like a icicle. =)
    And don’t you want a light saber? I would just want to swing it around everywhere.! XD

    AND YES. REESE SHATTERCANE IS AN AWESOME NAME, OMW!! I’m glad you found a name for her. =)

    Have a wonderful day. <3
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. It does look like an icicle, I hadn’t thought of that!
      And I’d take a light saber, that’d be cool! The bad guy in The Force Awakens has a really cool one, though Spencer pointed out that you would end up hurting your own hand if actually used it. 🙂

      Thanks, I’m glad you all like it! I was super excited when I figured it out!

  5. Love the necklace, Hanna. (Rouge One was actually my favorite Star Wars episode.)

    I love the name for your character! (What book is she in?) Names are my favorite things do do in my stories and I’m sad when I have them done.😥

    -Cerra Cat-

    1. Rogue One is definitely a great one! It and The Empire Strikes Back are my favorite Star Wars movies.

      Reese’s story. . . doesn’t have a name. If you remember the characters I did for the Describe tag, Marie is also in the same story.

      Yes, names are super fun!

          1. AGREED. ELLEN, DON’T BRING YOUR LIGHT SABER OVER, OK? Good. Everyone, come out from your hiding places!! 😉 XD =P
            Jaidyn Elise

  6. OH NOOOOO!!!! I just realized something. YOU TAGGED ME IN THE DESRIBE TAG AND I DIDN’T DO IT!! I am SOOOOO sorry, Hanna! =;(
    Jaidyn Elise

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