My thoughts on Halloween, and something new

Our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, and has not for years.

We haven’t gone trick-or-treating since the time I discovered my passion for stories and costumes. ¬†While I’ve sometimes felt disappointed about not participating in such a popular holiday (certain aspects of which would be right up my alley), I think my parents are right in deciding to do other things.

I don’t want to offend anyone who does celebrate Halloween, and I ¬†don’t blame you. ¬†Halloween is fun, you get free candy, and some people come up with really neat and truly beautiful costumes. ¬†Halloween can be fun, and it can be done well.

But we don’t celebrate it, as so many people use it as a way to emphasize–and even celebrate–what’s dark and ugly.

Starting about last Halloween,¬†some Halloween decorations started to remind¬†me of villains in The Lord of the Rings, A Christmas Carol, and other stories I love. ¬†I began to wonder how I felt about this, and why I watch The Hobbit but don’t celebrate Halloween. ¬†I began to realize this year that Halloween puts emphasis on villains, and ugliness. ¬†Whereas, these stories I loved rather celebrated the good. ¬†While someone dressing up like a Ringwraith would look a whole lot like the Halloween costumes I don’t appreciate, there’s a difference between having a holiday to celebrate ghosts, and liking a story that contains¬†similar elements, which are portrayed as bad.

So.  All this to say: I want to try something new.

I came to the conclusion recently that costumes are cool, and Halloween can’t have all of them. ¬†So I’m going to pick a day this spring that Little Sister¬†and I are going to wear costumes instead, and I want to invite you to do it with me. ¬†I’m not thinking anything fancy–probably just hanging out at a local park.

Any Omaha people interested?  If you are, would the last week of May, or the first week of June work better for you?  Sometime Saturday, or a weekday afternoon?  I want your opinion!

More ramblings, starring Reese

Do you remember when I did the Describe Tag, and asked you all to help me name one of my characters? ¬†Well, I’ve officially named her Reese Shattercane.

I actually named her shortly after I did the tag, but forgot to post again.  I recently remembered I promised to follow up with you guys, so. . . here we are.  Her name is Reese.

Sorry I’m late!

I just finally got a feel for the plot of her story, which I’m excited about. ¬†It’s not very high on the “What To Write Next” list, but I still like playing with it, so it’s fun to know where I’m going!


In other news, I bought my first piece of Star Wars fan gear last month: Jyn’s stardust necklace (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

(Apparently the fans have dubbed it Jyn’s “Kyber necklace”, but I have¬†been calling it her “stardust necklace” to myself since I left the theater, and I prefer that. ūüėČ )

My Lord of the Rings gear is getting excessive (as in, two shirts, a necklace, a pair of earrings, and a Galadriel crown), but this was my first Star Wars piece.


I posted about reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream recently, if you remember. ¬†Well, I read The Tempest today, and it’s giving Julius Caesar (my favorite Shakespeare play) a real run for its money.

“My library was dukedom large enough. . .”

-The Tempest, Dover Thrift edition, page 6

Shakespeare was a master!

Happy Wednesday (because it is one), my amazing readers!