You all have asked so many great questions about Cat’s Forest already, but if you have any others, please make sure you comment them on this post, before next Saturday:

“Catania’s Forest” Behind-the-Scenes

I will try to get the Q&A post up soon after.  Try. . . *nervous laugh* 🙂

(My fingers just tired to type “Tyre” instead of “Try”.  I have ruined my own ability to type!)

Anyway, some beautiful posts have gone up elsewhere on the internet lately, so I wanted to do a post linking to a few other writers.

Why you need a reading plan & good books for a new year

To begin with, my Mom e-mailed me this amazing post last week, and I wanted to share it.  “A book can be your feelings pulsing through the veins of another”. . .  It’s beautiful.

Remember the days

This poem left me just about speechless.  It’s short and sweet, but still holds so much meaning.  It’s well written, and it’s so hopeful.  I have heard messages like this before that feel despondent and sad, so I loved the quiet reassurance that these words carried.

Scattered Scribblings

And last but not (at all) least, my lovely friend Savannah Grace just started a series about character building on her blog, “Scattered Scribblings”, linked to above.  I have read several of Savannah’s stories, and she possesses a real knack for characters.  I’m not joking, readers, they’re epic–so I would recommend all writers out there to visit her blog and check it out, at least until the series is over.  (I would recommend sticking around though, as it’s just a great blog!)  Click here for a link to her first post.

Happy reading, friends!

9 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. This is a wonderful post, Hanna! =)
    Those blog posts sound great!

    I hope you get that Q&A up soon. =) I’m working on mine today, so hopefully you’ll be seeing it on my blog in the next week- or hopefully sooner!!!!!

    Miss y’all! =D
    Jaidyn Elise

  2. *hugs* Thank you so much for linking to me, Hanna! 😀 I’m so glad that you’re liking the series and OH MY you think my characters are epic? *happy squeals* Thank you, girl! <3 (and I LOVED Mary's poem, it was so beautiful!)

    I'll have to check out the other post you linked to – thanks for sharing this with us!

      1. Ooh, thanks!
        And OF COURSE I did, I’m super excited about your series!
        Epic? Yes naturally! What else could I say, silly author girl? This is Cerulean and Twy we’re talking about! 🙂

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