What’s in my heart about family tonight

Today, I pulled a drawer out of a metal cabinet, and accidentally ran the sharp corner into Michael’s back.  Later, he sat on my lap and taught me how to make paper airplanes.

We give and we take, and we laugh and we cry, and we cuddle and complain, we wound and we heal, and we all grow.  And somehow we do this miraculous thing called family; and I will always fight for it, because I will always believe that family is God’s heart.

11 thoughts on “What’s in my heart about family tonight”

  1. Hanna, You truly have a talent for writing, and making other people feel what you write. I love this post! It was beautiful!!

    Thank you for sharing this!! =D
    Jaidyn Elise

  2. Ok, I seriously cringed when you said “I ran it into Michael’s back” because I’ve had that happen before. NOT FUN. Come on, Blondie 😉 😛
    Love this!! #totally

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