A post-Christmas post of ramblings

I should have realized how much Cat’s Forest would take over when I decided to post it almost everyday, in the busiest month of the year.  But I of course I didn’t.  Anyway, I didn’t post about Christmas much, except for my story.  I might do some deeper Christmas posts now, after the fact; but I think this was mostly a year of Catania, and that’s okay.

In the meantime, you should read this post that a fellow blogger of mine posted yesterday:

He’s Here: The Christ Candle ~ Ramblings of a Writer

This authoress has mastered the art of word-craft, and this post is simply beautiful.  The peaceful flow of the words is pleasant and calming, and it paints a crystal clear picture of the starry nightfall of the first Christmas.  You should read it.


Hopping down an unrelated bunny-trail, do y’all know about the whole “elf on a shelf” thing?  Well, my Mother found this, and I couldn’t help but share it:

So awesome, I really have no words.  I lost Santa elves about the time I found Middle Earth. 🙂

Merry Christmas, readers!!  Thanks for reading my rambles.

9 thoughts on “A post-Christmas post of ramblings”

    1. Of course, it was beautiful!
      Ha! I think he’s everyone’s favorite elf. I know he’s ONE of mine, but he DOES have to compete with Galadriel, Haldir, and Glorfindel. . . :-/

      1. I think that Legolas is one of my favorite elves too. I do like Elrond though. I always though Galadriel was creepy……..

        -Cerra Cat-

        1. I guess I don’t really think of Elrond and Arwen as elves, because they’re technically “half-elves”. And Galadriel is frightening, but I still love her. 🙂

      2. Of course, Haldir, yes! He is one of my favorites! Strange, I named a bird that would come by our house and sing Haldir… *shrugs*

        1. Hope this isn’t offensive (I don’t know which Haldir you liked), but I. . . didn’t like Haldir in the movies. I love him in the books though–he has so many good lines! “The light perceives the very heart of the darkness.”

          1. Oh no, it isn’t offensive at all! I prefer in the books as well. =) He does have many good lines, and he is an entirely different character in the books.

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