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Thought I should stop in and let you know we got home safely and on time from our great adventure.

My brain is still indecisive about whether or not it’s going to be functional today, so I won’t try anything more profound.  Except that your comments on my last post gave me all the warm fuzzies!  I love you girls so much!!

P.S. ^ Guess what I watched on the airplane. . . ??

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  1. YOU’RE BACK YOU’RE BACK YOU’RE BACK!!!!!! *huggles* Can’t believe you are now the ROTHFUSS 8!!!! Love and miss you all!!

  2. YOU’RE HOME, YOU’RE HOME! *dances happily*

    I SO wish we could have met you at the airport – but it didn’t work with our schedule + we’re sick :(. BUT YOU’RE HOME! HENRY’S HOME! *is majorly excited*

    So glad that everything went well! <3

    1. I was sad you all couldn’t make it, but I totally understand. And I appreciate that you’re not sharing germs–though we’re all coughing anyway. >:( Must we always come home from China sick??
      *is majorly excited with you*

  3. YOU’RE HOME YOU’RE HOME YOUR HOME!!!!!!!! *hugs* I wish we were able to meet you all at the airport last night, but like Savannah said, our schedule didn’t work out, and we’re sick =( I am SO GLAD YOUR HOME, And we miss you all like crazy!! =D
    Hopefully we’ll see you all soon!! =D
    Jaidyn Perran

        1. You’re right, I probably should. I got a new computer recently, and I’m still figuring out how pictures work on it, so we’ll see. . . 😉

          1. That’s SO neat! I hope you can figure it out, I always love to see pictures from your travels!! =D
            Jaidyn Elise

  4. Hooray! *confetti thrown everywhere* Love the quote, and the movie must’ve been AMAZING. I’m so excited for you and your family!!! Glad you had safe travels!

      1. Oh, which one was your fave? =) I think mine is the first one.

        Pretty good. Matthias got his first haircut. He hated every second. My sisters and I are headed to WA pretty soon, in a couple of minutes as I write this, actually. =) Thanks for asking! How’s your family?

        1. We’re doing good. A lot of us got a cough, and jetlag really stinks, but we’re doing good, for having just got back from China. Henry’s been a trooper!

          Yeah, little boys and haircuts aren’t often friends. Michael hates them too. Henry hasn’t had one yet, but I could see him not loving them either.

          The Fellowship is probably my favorite too. Though Two Towers was also really good. I didn’t love the first half of the Return of the King, but the end was good.

        2. Sorry, just had to jump into the conversation and say YAY YOU’VE GOT MATTHIAS!!!!!! So glad you all are doing well!! When are you going to be posting??

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