Hey, readers!

We’re going to forego the book review this time, because I’m a bit busy today and I have something else to post about:

I have different pages now, top right!  From now on, I’m going to have links to all my stories on the “My Stories” page, and no longer tag them with their title.  The tags in my tag cloud (to the left) will be posts about the story, not the story itself.  Also, I made a little announcement, at the bottom of the stories page, go check it out!  I’m planning on releasing more information around the beginning of August.

That’s all for now, folks.  I’ll try and get a review up next week.

Happy Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Pages”

  1. Ooo, cool! I love when people have pages on their blogs 🙂 . And your pages are awesome, I like them a lot! ALSO WHAT IS THIS CATANIA’S FOREST?! HOW SOON DOES ‘Coming Soon’ MEAN?!

    1. Yes, pages are neat! And I think it’s nice to have an “About the Author”. I’ve ended up at too many blogs trying to figure something out about who was posting, and not being able to find anything. 😉
      “That’s highly restricted information you’re asking for.” I’m afraid I’m not telling yet. But. . . I would say it’s on the sooner side of ‘soon’, not the later side, if you follow me.

  2. Ooh!!! I can’t wait!!! The stories page is really nice!!! It will be super convienent when I want to reread a story!!

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