The Birthstone Book Tag

Good morning, readers!  Today is my first official day of Summer break!  I celebrated by staying up way too late last night watching Star Wars and sleeping in this morning. 😉  I’m so totally crazy.

Anyway, I snagged this free-for-all tag off of my friend Savannah’s blog (which, unfortunately, is not public, so I can’t link to it), and decided to do it today.  I was tagged by two other tags recently, which I need to get to posting, but I decided to do the unofficial one first, because. . . me.  I think it will come together faster than the other ones though.  I’ll give myself more time to get those together.

The Birthstone Book Tag

1.January Garnet: Name a character you think is evil/dark: There are a ton of movie-characters coming to mind right now. . .  From a book, Sauron and all nine Ringwraiths in The Lord of the Rings.  You can’t get much darker.

2. February Amethyst: Name a book you think of as regal:  Hmm. . . that’s hard.  Regal?  I’m not sure why, but Waltz Into the Waves by Sarah Holman comes to mind.  It just feels. . . royal.  And pretty.  And wonderful.  And. . . okay, you get the point. 🙂

3. March Aquamarine: Name a character that you think of as weak, or more of a follower: Wow, this is hard!  I hate to call anyone weak.  I think most characters are very strong, just in their own way.  Beth from Little Women comes to mind.  She very quiet, and definitely a follower.

4. April Diamond: Name a book you love, but isn’t very well known: Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good and The Azure Chronicles by the aforementioned Savannah.  The latter is (sadly) not yet published 🙁 , but I would recommend reading Counted Worthy!

5. May Emerald: Name two characters that balance each other out well: Hmm. . .  Once again, a lot of movie characters coming to mind!  Beth from Little Women again, and Jo.  They balance each other out very well!  Sam and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings come to mind too.

6. June Pearl: Name a character who is loyal: Sam, that I just mentioned ^^^.  I couldn’t say anyone else!

7. July Ruby: Name a book that aggravates you/makes your blood boil: The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis.  I love that book, but some of the characters make me very angry!

8. August Peridot: Name a supporting character you preferred to the main character: Does Aragorn play a supporting role?  Because he is so my favorite character in The Lord of the Rings!  He sort-of grows into a main character though.

9. September Sapphire: Name a book you found to be calming: Hmm. . . I find very few books calming while I read them the first time, but there are a lot of books that I have read many, many times that help me relax, The Hobbit and Ivanhoe being two examples.

10. October Opal: Name a book with a pretty cover: Naming just one was out of the question for me!


Prophet by R.J. Larson.


I mean, is that not gorgeous?


The Witchery of Archery by Maurice Thompson.  I think I enjoy the cover more than I did reading the actual book!  Isn’t it amazing though??


Counted Worthy again.  I know I’m repeating myself a lot!  Hope that’s allowed. . .  This cover was so epic!  And it fit perfectly with the story.


And I just had to add (and then I’m done, I promise) that I love the cover for my copy of The Hobbit!  It’s just so old-fashioned and neat.  Of course, it’d be cooler if it was red, but I like green, so they can get away with it this once.

Note: I think everyone needs to read The Hobbit and Counted Worthy, but I wouldn’t recommend The Witchery of Archery or Prophet‘s trilogy for younger kids.

11. November Topaz: Name a book with a resilient protagonist: Nat in Carry On Mr. Bowditch and Ela in said Prophet.

12. December Blue Zicron: Name a fictional friendship you would love to be a part of: I’m afraid I must copy Savannah and say the Fellowship of the Ring.  Totally!!


Wow, that was fun!  Thanks, Savannah!

I tag Ellen @ Ellen’s Everyday Events

. . . and anyone else who’s interested!

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “The Birthstone Book Tag”

  1. Aww, thanks for making this a free for all tag! =D
    I’m glad it’s Summer. That means lighter school, spending time with friends, and having fun! =D It’s neat that your out of school. I’m almost there….=D
    See ya Thursday! =D ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    1. You’re welcome–are you planning on doing it?? I’d love to read yours!
      Almost there? Hooray!
      ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I love it! I’m excited too!! It has been way. too. long!!

  2. Yay! You did the tag! 😀
    I loved reading this Hanna, it was so fun! You read Waltz Into The Waves? I’ve heard of that book … did you like it?
    Aw, you mentioned my series 😀 *has warm fuzzies*.
    Oh yes, I definitely agree, some of the characters in The Last Battle drive me insane.
    I love the book pictures you posted! They all have such pretty covers.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Yes, I did enjoyed Waltz Into the Waves. I linked to my book review of it, if you’d like to read it. It is VERY romantic, but the romance was sweet! I really liked it.

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