April Fool’s Day

So.  Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, and it would have been the day to try and convince you guys I was publishing a book or we were adopting a sixteen-year-old from Ethiopia or something crazy.  That sort of thing.

(I’m realizing in retrospect that I should have posted a fake part of The Sacrifice and had Penny die.  Your comments really would have been hilarious. 🙂 )

But the fact is: April Fool’s Day always drove me insane–probably because I’m the most gullible person on the plant (don’t say it, Ellen.  I know I’m blonde, thanks.)  And I promised myself once (I think it was last year) that I was not doing April Fool’s Day stuff on my blog.  Just not.

So, here we are.  No April Fool’s Day jokes.  It’s just not how I work.

What’s your take on April Fool’s Day?

8 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day”

  1. Oh, we SO would have fell for it if you had said any of those things 😀 . We didn’t play many tricks on April Fools day (mostly because we couldn’t think of any good ones, but that is entirely besides the point), but Sky was able to trick Ariel that there was a big bird outside the window. And she got pretty much everyone with that 😀 . It was quite funny to watch everyone rush to the window!

  2. I’m totally so blonde and I will fall for just about anything. Yesterday, my dad told me that the last day of the speech and debate tournament was canceled, and I believed him. 🙁😜
    And, at the tournament there was a Krispy Kreme box in the table, and I was so excited, (because I love donuts!😀) so I opened the box and it was filled with … Vegetables. It was slightly disappointing, but hilarious!

      1. I’m with ya girl, I fall for everything. Have you ever had anyone tell you that if you say “orange” five times fast it sounds like you’re saying “gullible”? I have, and I actually tried saying “Orange, orange, orange, orange. orange.” I felt ridiculous afterwards. 🙂 Don’t ever believe anything anyone tells you about the word gullible!
        I would have fallen for the doughnut box too, only someone had it open when I came in. 😉

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