China Trip Day 7

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


This was my Thanksgiving dinner last year, when we visited the orphanage, which I’ll post about tomorrow (Thanksgiving was the 27th last year!)  Not quite. . . traditional. 🙂  It was very good though!

Last year today Mom, Dad, and Lucy visited the city wall.  I decided to post the pictures, even though I wasn’t there because I wasn’t feeling good that day.




I love the pictures they got!

If you had told me before we left that I would end up spending the afternoon alone in a Chinese hotel, I think I would have seriously re-considered going.  But once it came down to it, I felt totally fine.  It felt quite safe!  It was actually kind-of nice to be alone for a bit! #Introvert

Have a blessed Thanksgiving today!  I’m thankful for adoption today, and China, and my little sister’s first Thanksgiving at home!

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