11 thoughts on “Archery”

  1. Ooo, I love it!!! It’s amazing! Ack, I SO need to get one 😀 ! It’s gorgeous!
    And I LOVE your outfit, it’s perfect with the bow and everything!
    I agree with Ellen. You should live in Middle-Earth 🙂 . ~Savannah

    1. I know, the outfit was perfect! I didn’t plan that AT ALL–I couldn’t have, ’cause this was right after I got the bow, and it was a surprise!
      Hey, guys, don’t rub it in! I would live in Middle Earth if I could!

  2. What’s middle-earth? Who’s Legolas? Why does her shirt go good with the bow? I mean, the color goes good with it, but is that it, because I think you’re talking about something else……..
    – J

    1. It’s a long story. Middle Earth is where “The Lord of the Rings” happens, and that’s my “Lord of the Rings” shirt. Legolas is an elf in “The Lord of the Rings” who does all kinds of awesome archery stuff.
      Does that answer all your questions?

      1. Oh my, Jaidyn doesn’t know who Legolas is, or what Middle Earth is? I’ve been a terrible sister … 😀 ~Savannah

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