??? {Mystery Quote #26} ???

Last week’s quote came from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, Chapter 12: “The Queen of Underland”.

Katie correctly guessed everything, and Micaiah, Ellen, and Juliana guessed the book and author–and Juliana gets brownie-points (again) because I love the way she just describes what part of the book it happens in, instead of saying what chapter it is!

Okay, I’ve quoted this one before, but it’s been a while:

“We’ll follow as best we can,” [he] said.  He stared again at [it].  “He must be very desperate, or very frightened, or very stupid, or very brave.”  “Very all four I should think,” the Prince replied.

And I decided to throw in two, since there are so many good “Mystery Quote” quotes in that book:

. . . and surely sooner of later, there would be an answering “yes.”  But it didn’t come sooner.  And later wasn’t the kind of thing you wanted to hold your breath for either.

Happy guessing!

12 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #26} ???”

  1. Even though I have never read the Hobbit- Well, not really, I still think it sounds like something that might be in there……….. 🙂
    And, also, you really like The Hobbit, and you DID say there was a lot of good quotes in there…….. 🙂
    – Jaidyn

      1. Yep, I can tell. 🙂
        And I really shouldn’t let you just list off all the books I talk about the most! You kinda’ have an advantage since you know me so well!

        1. You know what? I’m gonna put down another guess: Prince Caspian. Yes, I did see Juliana’s comment and at first I was like, “No way!” and then I thought about it, and I wanted to give myself another 50 50 chance.

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