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Well, a little later than I was hoping, but here we are!  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, you all did a fabulous job!  Anyway, with such talented writers on hand, no one probably wants to hear any more of this, so without further ado, here’s the stories!



I couldn’t believe it. I knew he said he would give his life for me, but. . . fighting. . . it? I tried not to cry but even a girl of 18, yes, even a princess, had to give way to emotions sometime. I couldn’t bear to watch, but I couldn’t stay hidden either. I peeked back over the wall. Yes, he was still fighting, but yet, with more confidence then a moment previous. I shuddered when I saw some blood trickling down his left leg. Why, oh why did I agree to come on this ‘Adventure’? Why was I here? Then the answer came from my heart. “Because you loved him. And he loved you.” I knew it was true. It had to be true. Wasn’t it love that made him give me the gold bracelet that I wore always on my right arm? Wasn’t it love that made him ask me to go on this ‘Adventure’? Wasn’t it love that. . . made him. . . fight?  I hoped it was. I knew it was. He was fighting for me. He was fighting so that we could spend time together. He was fighting for life. I looked on as the dragon, shooting flame from it’s mouth, pounced. But he was to slow. Before I knew it, the dragon was limping; his left foot and leg were lying on the grass. Cut off by His sword. From that moment, I knew that life would never be the same. And that wherever life took us, we would always be together.


Jaidyn Perran


Lily, who was the princess of the land of Olinton kingdom, sat crying behind a wall, peering over once in a while. She saw only blurred images, but still, the sound of a battle rang through her head. Her beloved prince was surely going to die.  The dragon’s fighting was way too powerful for even him. She knew that she shouldn’t be watching, but she had to. He was her prince. She had to go out there, tell him to come back with her, and then they could run away together! She had thought it was a great plan, but then decided the dragon would probably eat them both. She wished she could be in Prince Albert’s place, but she knew she couldn’t. She knew that he was going to die. She saw the blood stains on his shirt.  “Albert!” She sobbed.
“I need him! I need him so much!” She wailed over the noise of the battle scene. She didn’t like what she saw, but what could she possibly do? She couldn’t just go out there and stop the dragon. She didn’t have a secret single or anything. Wait a minute. . . She thought. Maybe she could do something. All she had to do was swing her leg over the wall, right? She wasn’t sure it was going to work, but it was worth a try–Or was it? She didn’t know.
Albert had told her to stay. But, did he know this was going to happen? Then, all of a sudden, everything was silent. Then she heard a roar, and smelled. . . fire? She had smelled smoke before, but not this strong. She peeked up, and there what she saw was not good. All the trees were on fire, and worst of all, Albert’s cape was on fire! Now she had to get out there. She didn’t care if she died. She only cared if Albert was safe. She carefully and quietly swung her leg over the stone wall, and tip-toed quietly over to one of the burnt trees and ran behind a big tree. She stepped on a twig and it snapped. The dragon craned his neck to look over at her, and then lunged towards her.  “Albert!” And then she was gone. Albert lunged
at the big fiery dragon. They dragon fell dead to the ground. And then all of a sudden he felt two hands around his neck.
“Lily?” “Albert!” The were so overjoyed that they didn’t realize that hot fire was coming behind them, and quickly. ” Lily! Fire!” Albert said, tightening his grip on her arm. ” Albert! We have to just go! I don’t want you to get into another fight. Please, Albert!”
” Alright. But we have to go, now!” And they ran off, onto the hills of Olinton.
And that was the end of the dragon, and the beginning of a new story.


Ellen #2


Mirthful, 14 year-old Adeline was just about to jump over the old stone wall that surrounded the King’s forest. There was a legend that traced back to her great-grandfather’s time that told of a tree in the center of his forest which bore beautiful golden fruit. It wasn’t until now that she could find out herself if the legend was true.
“Are you sure you want to do this, Addy??” Her 15-year-old brother Adam asked with concern as he gave her a leg up on to the wall.
“Yes. What else would I do?” came the sharp reply. “I can’t just let Father die, could I?”
“Just be careful. And make sure that you…” Adam never finished what he was going to say for there came from beyond the stone wall a piercing scream that made their blood run cold.
They looked towards the sound, not believing what they saw. A dragon, fierce, haughty, and cruel, was attacking a knight of the King.
In an instant, Adam was over the wall and running to the knight’s aid. Adeline followed ten paces behind. Maybe it was their passion that led them to help; then again maybe it was their urgency for assistance in saving their father’s life.


Skylar Perran


I didn’t know what to do. There was nothing I could do. I was helpless. I was trapped behind the evil dragon’s wall while Prince Kalvin, valiant, noble, Prince Kalvin, was fighting for his life. A handsome prince like him should be somewhere else on a romantic date with a girl much prettier then me, and much more important. Instead he was here risking his life to save… me. An ordinary village girl. Who was I for him to love me?
Brave, heroic, foolish prince! How did he even think he could charge into battle against a dragon! And on his own? He wouldn’t survive. Didn’t he even take a second to think about what would happen to me if he didn’t make it? I didn’t think I could live with myself if he died because of me. I wanted to cry at the hopelessness of it all, but I couldn’t. I needed to keep my mind clear so that I could think of a way to help Kalvin. I sat behind the wall, not daring to watch the scene unfolding before me. But I couldn’t help it. I had to look. And what I saw nearly made me faint.
The dragon was flying away, and Prince Kalvin lay in a pool of blood on the ground, motionless. I had to hold on the wall to steady myself, and a lump formed in my throat. Could he be. . . ? No. I couldn’t let myself believe it. I couldn’t. But… what if it was true? Could my prince actually be. . . dead? I couldn’t help it. I burst into tears.


Jaidyn Perran #2


Zaleya, a little orphan girl, looked through a little hole in the stone wall she hid behind. She held back tears as she watched her older brother, a knight, and much richer then she, but who loved her all the same, fight a huge fiery dragon. She knew that William couldn’t fight the dragon by him-self. She had to get out there and save him before he died. She had lived with him her whole life, and now the dragon was spoiling her life! Her brother was everything to her, and she just couldn’t lose him. Not now. But then she remembered the tree. The tree that had stood there while the other trees were burned. She thought that the tree might have something to do for her brother. Then she remembered her fathers words before he had died.  “Remember. There’s always hope in the tree. . .” And that was it! She had an idea. She ran around to the other side of the forest which wasn’t far. Zaleya also knew that that tree must be the tree of hope. Anyhow, that one was the only one that was still alive. There was one piece of fruit on it. She grabbed it and stuffed it into her mouth. Then she found something incredible! The tree had given her hope! Now she knew her brother wouldn’t die. At least she hoped he wouldn’t die. She knew what she had to do.  “Yoo hoo!” She shouted, and the dragon turned around. And charged.
William!” She shouted to her brother. And then she tossed the other half of the fruit towards him. But he didn’t take the time to eat it. He charged at the back of the dragon. And killed him.
And that was the end of the dragon, and the beginning of a big journey.




Roselyn limped to the wall of the abandoned tower. Every muscle in her body screamed with pain. Leaning against the stone bricks, she watched as Drinian fought the dragon. So far, his shield was still intact, Roselyn noticed as he leapt back from a flame. In an effort to calm herself, the girl took a deep breath. Searing pain ripped through her side, and gripped her lungs. Gasping, she fell to the ground. No, Roselyn thought. She could not fail her friend. Not now. He had given too much to be abandoned. Shakily, she rose. Looking over the wall, she almost fainted at the sight of Drinian’s shoulder covered in blood. Steeling herself, Roselyn reminded herself that no one who fainted was worthy for service to the King. Looking closer, she realized most of the blood was coming from the dragon, not the knight. With a deft move of his sword, Drinian made deep gash between the monster’s scales. Shuddering and shrieking, the dragon collapsed. The girl met Drinian at the arched gate. Both were too exhausted to speak much, but Roselyn tore the hem of her long skirt to bandage a cut on her friend’s arm. He took a deep breath, and gazed toward the hills. “Onward?” he asked. “To the end,” she answered. For they knew that whatever they faced, it would be worth it to serve the King.


Ariel Perran


Sweat dripped down my burning forehead. I swiped my sword at the dragon again and again, the serpent neatly evading me every time. My blue eyes locked with the dragon’s red, jewel-like ones. The monstrous beast’s eyes reflected the flames he hurled at me. I leapt out of the way, running headlong into a tree by accident. Rubbing my pounding head, I bit my lip and glanced furtively about myself. And I caught sight of a tree.
The tree.
The forbidden tree.
No one was allowed to touch this tree, no one was allowed to eat from this tree, no one was even allowed to look at this tree for too long, lest the glowing fruit should blind them. And yet she had eaten from it. That was the absolute worst thing you could ever do. Eating the fruit would release the dragon.
Though she was distant from the battleground, I could hear the princess’s anguished sobs and screams from my position.
“Stop!” she shouted. “Stop!”
I looked toward the dragon’s so-called castle. The imposing figure of the more prison-like structure towered into the blue sky, and the princess stood atop it.
“Stop fighting!” she screamed, her voice breaking as she went on,” I don’t deserve you!”
I relaxed my tensed shoulders, drawing in a deep breath as I remembered who I was fighting for. “I don’t care!” I shouted back, fresh energy surging though my sword-arm. I held my sword up to the sky. “I want you!”
I sprinted back at the dragon, hoping and praying that this time I would hit the heart. The dragon reared back and roared as a burning light shone from his mouth. I knew he was going to launch flames at me again. But there. The heart! I could pierce it!
With a yell, I ran forward. I raised my sword, and plunged it into the dragon’s chest. A ground-shuddering, gutteral roar sounded from the dragon’s open mouth, and he fell to the ground with a thud.
Throwing my bloodied sword to the ground, I ran toward the now-defeated dragon’s castle. The princess had vanished from the roof of the castle, and I knew she was now coming down to meet me. She exited though the door of the castle, at a full sprint. She did not stop, even when she reached me, nearly bowling me over as she ran straight into my open arms.
“Thank you. . .” she took a deep breath and relaxed against me. “I’m finally free.”


Were those great or what?  I’d call that a smashing success!  Anyone interested in doing another writing challenge sometime???

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    1. It seems like everyone would like to do another one, so we’ll probably do this again! Hopefully you’ll be able to participate then–you’d be good at it!
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  1. All the stories were amazing, I loved reading them! Yes, I definitely think you should do another one sometimes, this one sounded like fun, and I would love to join in if you do one again 🙂 . ~Savannah

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