Rainy Days

Have any of you other dear Omaha people been getting the rain too?  It’s been damp over here for days!

On Wednesday night (at 8:00 p.m. or something) I went outside with an umbrella.  I was actually contemplating just going out and getting drenched, when Mama suggested I bring an umbrella, which I decided was a better idea! 🙂

I don’t know how long I was out there, just wandering around in the rain, in the dark, with a pink Chinese umbrella.  Everything looked different (and much more fairy-tale-ish) when it was dim and wet. . . all the porch lights were on, making little pools of light in our dark yard. . . it was sooo pretty!  I’m sure a story was inspired last night, but it hasn’t quite formed yet.

I went in when the lightning started.

Yesterday morning I went out to check on some spiders I’d found to see it they’d survived the storm:


I think these funnel webs are so cool!  This one got pretty battered.  Yesterday I decided the spider must have moved, but I saw him again this afternoon.  Not washed out yet!


And neither is this guy, who made his web on top of one of our milkweed plants.  Nice for me, because I can bend the plant down to get a new angle on the web, like this:


You can kinda’ see the spider inside it in this picture.


Right above the first web I found two little pieces of leaf that got dropped on the log.  I counted at least ten snails and one slug on them!


As soon as I saw them I ran for my camera. 🙂


I’m an all-out bug-person, and I have an especially soft spot for snails–always have.


Oh, and yesterday evening I went outside to do some archery and got caught in another shower.  Dad said it was okay if my bow and arrows got wet, so I stayed out for a while and got soaked.

I do target practice for the Lord of the Rings/Robin Hood effect, so doing it in the rain was super fun!  (There’s got to be some story where someone shoots arrows in the rain, right?  Well, maybe it still needs to be written. . .)

I came in when I heard thunder, just about soaked.  It was already 7:00 p.m. so I showered early and spent the rest of the evening in my pajamas.  Why not? 🙂

And my last rainy-day adventure was this afternoon, when I walked to the park with Mama and the littles.  There were puddles all around the playground that we went splashing in!  The deepest ones were under the swings where kids had dug pits in the sand with their feet.  Lucy and I did some swinging together over our own little lake!  It slows you down a bit when you drag your feet in the water, but it’s sure fun!

Have a lovely rest of your Friday, friends, rain or shine!

He waters the mountains from His upper chambers; the earth is satisfied by the fruit of His work.  -Psalm 104:13

32 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

  1. You like to do archery? And how is it that I never knew this before 🙂 ?! Do you take lessons for it? Where did you get your bow?
    Rainy days tend to spark story inspiration for me too. But, alike pictures and small objects, I can’t pack a rainy day in a box and get it out to look out now and then 😀 .
    ~Savannah P.

  2. Aw.. the snails are SO cute! Did ya keep them? Did ya name them? Are they the little baby ones, or are they the same size as the snails you used to have? Oh, snails are MY favorite bug too! I mean, who could RESIST those cute little things? 🙂
    You have your own bow?! Lucky! What color is it? You’ll totally have to show us some time! 🙂 ~Sky

    1. Okay, lots of questions! No, Skylar, I didn’t keep any snails. I named one Shellira; which I derived from Shellina, which is used in the new “Cinderella” movie. And yes, snails are ADORABLE!
      Yes, I have my own bow. I think it was given to Spencer for some birthday, but he didn’t use it, so it was adopted by me. No, I don’t take lessons, we bought some arrows at Scheel’s and Dad taught me (’cause he knows everything 🙂 ). I have a target too that was a present for my birthday or Christmas. I don’t know where that came from. Mom and Dad recently bought me new arrows because the heads came off my old ones. I think they got them at Walmart. And (you’ll love this, Sky) they’re pink. I love them. I mean, pink arrows–can you get more unique? And the bow is red, but that will be changing soon as we just figured out that my bow is half the size I should have for how long my arms are. So I’ll probably be getting a new one sometime.
      Okay, does that answer all the questions?

        1. Yep, thanks! I told Ma once that I would be interested in archery … and she wasn’t entirely sure why I wanted to do archery and where I would do it at 🙂 . Or where I would get a bow from, as a matter of fact. Do you know where your bow was bought from? ~Savannah

          1. Actually, Skylar, I didn’t pick them out ’cause just Mom and Dad went to the store.
            And no, Savannah, I don’t know, but I’ll try to ask Mom or Dad and get back to you.

  3. Protection? Unless you get hit by a car!
    And I’m sorry, Savannah, but I can’t figure out where my bow came from. I know they have them at Scheel’s though, and that’s probably where we’ll get a new one.

  4. Hanna, I told you and Becca that the eclipse was happening on Monday. But then out mom double checked when it was going to happen.
    The eclipse is not happening on Monday.
    It’s tonight.
    It is not just an eclipse.
    It is a blood moon.
    It is not just a blood moon.
    It’s a harvest moon.
    It is not just a harvest moon.
    It is a super moon.
    This has only happened five times since the year 1900.
    This is the super, harvest, blood moon.
    I am very, very glad our mom double checked when the eclipse was going to be. 🙂
    And, in case your family wants to see it happen, the total eclipse begins at 9:11, the mid-point of the eclipse is 9:47 and the total eclipse ends at 10:23.
    This, Is. Going, To. Be. So. Cool!!!!! 🙂 : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

  5. Funny story… I think I saw the moon (which was really bright) without even knowing what it was. Or maybe I didn’t. Was that Monday? I have no clue.
    I wish my Mom let me in the rain! I love rain!
    We have a nerf bow and arrows here at home, and I like to pretend that I’m a great archer when I use it. Makes me feel elvish. 😊 #WaytoomuchTolkien

          1. By the way, do you know any good places to find the big snails? All I’ve been able to find lately are the babies, but I almost never ever ever EVER find the big snails. ~Sky

  6. Yeah, if you’re ever over here. . . #IDontSeeYouEnoughAnymore 🙁
    Well, I haven’t found any big ones at our house. I usually find the big ones at out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-places, if you know what I mean. Like at parks or nature centers or something. But I think the one I gave you came from our cousins house. I good place to find snails in general is underneath things (like stepping-stones). You could also check under logs, rocks, bushes, etc.
    Oh, and yesterday right before BL Leader’s Training I found a snail under the stepping stones that had a yellow shell! It was the weirdest thing. I really should’ve taken a picture. I looked for it today, but didn’t see it again.

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