??? {Mystery Quote #17} ???

Our church is doing an outreach this week, so I’ll be gone in the afternoons.  I will do my best to get things posted!  Anyway,

Last week’s quote was from the Bible!  It was 1 Kings 20:11.

Becca, Ellen, and Jaidyn guessed the Bible; and Becca also guessed 1 or 2 Kings.  Great job, that was a tricky one! :-)And now:

‘Surely you see it, my friend?’ he said, turning now suddenly back to [him] again.  ‘You say that you are afraid.  If it is so, the boldest should pardon you.  But is it not really your good sense that revolts?’  ‘No, I am afraid,’ said [he].  ‘Simply afraid.  But I am glad to have heard you speak so fully.  My mind is clearer now.’

This is a longer one.  And (hint for those of you who know me well) it’s from one of my favorite books!  And both the he‘s in brackets are the same person.  The the one that is not in brackets was simply ‘he’ in the book.  Sorry if that’s confusing!

Happy guessing!

10 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #17} ???”

    1. Is that just your automatic response now? I’ll just tell you, no, not “Ivanhoe”. Another one of my favorite books. And (hint, hint) I know you’ve read it–at least I’m pretty sure you have. . .

      1. Yes, that is my automatic response but I’ll guess differently. Lord of the Rings?? Just a wild stab in the dark: The Two Towers?? I really have no clue…….

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