The Mushroom Feast #2

I can post more of The Mushroom Feast!  I am soo excited about this story!  Can you tell? 🙂



Jerry crawled around the small house—his antennas bouncing gently—as Amelia flew swiftly into the crowded ferns. Her translucent, blue wings flashed in the sunshine as she darted between the tall, lacy fronds.

Hearing a fly humming softly behind her, Amelia instinctively turned her head—just in time to crash into someone, also flying, and both fairies tumbled into a fern. The frond bent down under the weight and dumped them both on the ground. Amelia recognized the young man she had hit. Though the son of the fairy King and Queen, she was not frightened by the idea of having bumped into him any more than the idea of crashing into anyone else. Prince or no, he was often out flying in the forest; and she knew him well.

Ryan jumped nimbly to his feet, grabbed his friend by both hands, and hauled her up. “You alright?”

Amelia smiled, weakly. “Yes, thanks. And sorry about that. Guess I just wasn’t looking where I was going. You’re not hurt?”

“Oh, no! Not at all. A fellow’s got to learn how to fall out of the air without breaking anything.”

“I thought your father was holding a council this morning.”

“He is. I am going to it as soon as I get news of how things are going among the. . .” his voice trailed off as if he could not place the right word.

“Commoners? I don’t mind the title.”

I mind it: you’re not common. How are things going though?”

Amelia shrugged. “The same. The beetles are everywhere. There’s hardly a leaf in the whole woods fit to be seen—much less to eat. I certainly hope your father and his counselors find a solution.”

“And how are you doing?”

“Me? Fine!” Amelia was an orphan, and the youngest fairy in the colony who lived alone. Ryan did not fret over her, but she knew he was looking out for her. She knew his father was too. King Titus would offer to give her rations from the royal storehouses if food got really scarce. She would be desperate before she accepted. She was not bitter, but she was stubborn. She was only seventeen and didn’t eat much. She could find enough food for herself and her pet. Until this year, everyone had been able to gather plenty from right outside their front doors. The forest provided everything—at least, it had before this Summer when the beetles had been so bad. They were voraciously gobbling down every green thing they could get their mouths on. The fairies mostly ate nuts and meat now.

Watching Ryan flutter off among the ferns on his dark green wings, Amelia hoped the Council would be productive.

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  1. Love it! W-w-w-wait. Is there something going on between Ryan and Amelia….? Or, if there’s not now, WILL there be something going on between them later on….? 🙂 #RomanceFan #ExpertMatchMaker #JustSmile 🙂 ~Sky

        1. WHAT?!??!?!?!?!? You can’t do that. Sorry, you just can’t. And if you ask says who, I SAY SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AN if you delete our comments…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Desperate measures will have to be taken.

          1. Then don’t get crazy! I don’t need you guys matchmaking all the characters in my stories for the rest of my life! 😉

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